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Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar in oddball limbo

When I heard 5 Ounces was reporting that Frank Mir was out of UFC 98 with an injury, I was hoping that this was another one of those epic scoop fails Sam Caplan seems to have about once a year (Gomi in the UFC, Dana’s big announcement being New York, etc). It sucks that I don’t have a crackberry because while the news was spreading across the net I was at the Arnolds looking right at Frank Mir, who was doing some promo stuff for a nutrition company.

Fortunately someone else landed a video and Mir talks about getting a knee scope and the fight being ‘sometime in the summer, originally it was supposed to be in May’. So it sounds like he’s pushing to have the whole thing delayed but the UFC has stayed surprisingly mum on the whole situation, with Dana White only saying “Eh, I’m not worried.” Huh, what?

A couple other things that make me go hmmm: when the fuck did Frank Mir get this knee surgery done and why didn’t he tell the UFC? Mir vs Lesnar was just formally announced a few days ago so you have to figure the UFC has been kept in the dark about all this. Add the fact that this is a fight weekend and Dana hasn’t come out to clarify things and I’m thinking there’s an interesting story behind this that we don’t know about yet.

So is the fight off? Is it on? Right now I’d say it’s in limbo, and we’ll know more when Dana gets put on the spot at the post-event press conference.