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Frank Mir: “Religion is the retarded stepchild of philosophy”

Frank Mir is in the middle of an aggressive campaign to turn me into a fan. I’m been resisting as hard as I can, but how can I hold up when the fucker comes to Canada (New Brunswick of all places, or as I like to call it, Quebec’s Balls) and announces himself as a god hating socialist heathen:

Mir was also interested in talking books, politics and philosophy along with fighting and MMA. He spoke at length on topics such as health care, “why can’t we have health care like Cuba in the US?”, religion, calling it ‘the retarded stepchild of philosophy’, politics, “there has to be a happy medium between capitalism and socialist ideals,” among other topics.

“I never go anywhere without my Kindle (Amazon’s original wireless reading device) and I’m always reading. I need to because debating books and philosophy literally takes up a lot of my time,” said Mir, who is married and has four children with wife Jennifer.

“I read everything from war strategy, philosophy to historical science and right now I’m reading the God Delusion from Richard Dawkins and the new book from Christopher Hitchens so I have been primarily focusing on religion of late.”

Dawkins and Hitchens are two of the ‘four horsemen of atheism’. Dawkins is bit too stuffy for me but Hitchens is an extremely entertaining drunk who’s latest book has the slightly incendiary name ‘God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.’

Personally, I have no idea how you can be an atheist in MMA. Anderson Silva prays to Jesus and Jesus gave him matrix skillz. Brock Lesnar prays to Jesus and Jesus gave him a body big enough to fit 100 cock and skull tattoos on. Quinton Jackson is God’s street soldier, spreading the gospel via dry humping. Frank Mir? Didn’t pray to Jesus. So Jesus threw him off a speeding motorcycle and bounced him across the street like a skipping stone. Matt Hughes’ ‘Made in America’ co-author? Doesn’t beleive in Jesus and will burn in hell for eternity. Seems pretty clear cut to me: Jesus is the way to go, or else.