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Frank Mir logically comes to the same conclusion that I have

'Don't fuck with my strawberries again!'
‘Don’t fuck with my strawberries again!’

Via MMAJunkie:

“I think he’s very similar to Brock Lesnar,” Mir told ( [OK, seriously – why do they do this?]. “He’s somebody that’s strong, and he’s a good wrestler. But I think that Carwin, in a lot of ways, is actually more dangerous for me.”

That… that sounds like a terrible match-up for you, Frank. Just awful. Someone that’s big and strong with a wrestling base to help negate your BJJ and anvils for hands? And he’s more dangerous than the guy that thoroughly dominated you at UFC 100? I can understand dropping Brock’s name (although I’m willing to bet your therapist isn’t happy about it) just as a way to keep up heat for a possible rubber match, but maybe you should avoid using him as a lesser version of the guy you’re about to face in a couple of we… oh I’m sorry, you had more?

“Brock and Carwin are both better wrestlers than I am,” Mir said. “Most likely, they’ll both be able to take me down. Most likely, they’ll both be able to win the fight if I get stuck against the cage on my back with my head jammed up. But with that being said, with Lesnar, on my feet, I have no real anxiety about standing there and boxing. He’s knocked people over because he clubs people with his hands, but he’s not really a knockout artist. Carwin has actually knocked people out.

“In a fight with Lesnar, the goal is to keep it on the feet, and I’ll win the fight. With Carwin, if I say just keep it on my feet and I fall asleep on him while looking for the shot, I can easily go to sleep if I get caught. He’s shown the ability to knock people out. To me, he’s a dual threat.”

That’s kind of why I picked Shane, actually. Who do the Jackals have for the interim belt?