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Frank Mir is keeping his eye on the ball

Listening to Frank Mir makes me want to throw myself through a plate glass window, which I suppose is good in a roundabout way because otherwise I’d be jonesing for WEC events like a crack fiend. But I think Frank has misinterpreted his current position: he thinks he’s a famous star when he’s really only famous for beating a star in Brock Lesnar. And now instead of concentrating on beating that star again, he’s monkeying around with a TV show pilot:

Another note on Mir: Filming is set to begin Monday and continue throughout fight week on a pilot tentatively called Mir Manor. Seems like a strange time to introduce a gaggle of cameramen around a fighter near the biggest bout of his career, no?

Why not add Matt Serra and BJ Penn to the show and make it the most annoying thing in the history of the universe?