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Frank Mir is beating himself

A +225 underdog to Nogueira’s -350 over at our favorite sportsbook, Frank Mir isn’t exactly building anyone’s confidence with all his pre-fight interviews. From declaring his love and respect for Big Nog to logically concluding that there’s no way he can win the fight, Mir has unknowingly put his foot in his mouth over a dozen times over the past two weeks. The culmination of all this is an interview with Steve Cofield where he complains that his fight is still going to be a five round fight. How’s that for building confidence in a fighter’s cardio?

Here’s Michael Rome flipping out over Mir’s comments:

Is it unfair that Lesnar got a title shot?   Not really.   How did Frank Mir earn his shot?   He beat a 1-0 fighter.   If I have to hear Mir talk about how Lesnar gets everything because of his name again I’ll scream.   The only reason Mir was on TUF and in a world title match is because of Brock Lesnar’s name.   He beat him on a gigantic PPV and got a lot of notoriety, he should be sending Lesnar’s whole family half of his bonus rather than slamming him.

The idea of him complaining about fighting five rounds for nothing is ridiculous.   The match was made for the title when they thought Randy was never coming back.   They based an entire season of their show around the match.

Even though Brock-Randy was unjustified in a pure sport sense, this fight is far less justified.   Randy went into that fight as the underdog; the fact that most people thought Brock would win made it legitimate in a sense, and the fact that he did win legitimized it retrospectively.   On the other hand, Mir is a huge underdog in this fight, and I don’t believe it will even be competitive unless Nogueira got too old in the last 10 months.

If Mir wasn’t being such a total weeping vagina about everything, I’d actually say he had a chance of catching Nogueira with a sub. Yeah, I know … flame away, loyal readers. I love Nog and hate Mir too, but he’s still the kind of guy who has a history of pulling nifty submissions out of thin air. But who knows how he’s going to perform since he seems to think that he can’t submit Nog, can’t KO Nog, and can’t last 5 rounds wit Nog. Maybe he should just lay down and tap as soon as the fight starts?