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Frank backs up Ken

There’s a decent number of people out there who like the Kimbo vs Shamrock matchup. Most of them like it because they know it’ll do what it’s supposed to do: pull ratings. But is there anyone out there who actually gives Shamrock a real chance? As in, they’re not just paying lip service to the idea because they’ve got a financial stake in tricking people to think it’s a competitive bout?

For example, check out Frank Shamrock, Ken’s little brother. Here’s what he had to say about the matchup:

But Shamrock’s adopted brother, Frank (pictured), doesn’t think Ken is in line to become yet another Slice victim. Frank Shamrock, who serves as a color analyst on the CBS broadcasts, said his brother has a legitimate chance to win.

The Shamrock brothers are not close, but that didn’t stop Frank from conceding Ken has far more tools.

“Ken has 10 times Kimbo’s ability, so if he can get just 10 percent of that, and he’s focused, he can beat him,” Frank Shamrock said. “If not, he’s going to get clubbed horribly upside the head and fall down, all scary looking.”

I’d be more inclined to believe Frank if he wasn’t still looking to build Ken up for a brother vs brother clash sometime in 2009. Frank knows if Ken beats Kimbo, it pulls that fight from the ashes and turns it into a huge money match again. So again … is there ANYONE out there thinking Ken still has what it takes to win this fight? For real???