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    This thread was created to say I’ve seen enough.  If you’re tired of seeing the same old shit from that same guy that you shouldn’t be seeing, kick your dogs to the curb here!


    Let’s start with Amir Sodollah.  I’ve seen enough TUF from this guy, quit wasting main card slots, be happy to be on a Facebook prelim.  And yeah Dan Hardy can put on some (one dimensional) entertaining fights but if you’re gonna cry for someone to “stand and bang” and then try for cheap takedowns, I’m happy to watch you get subbed.  No matter how fabulous that mohawk is that’s 4 in a row.  It may be time to take a regional tour.



    Jon jones doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere either. fuck that guy



    Im listening to a remix of the remix of the jive bunny. I should change radio stations (usually this one kicks ass).

    There was a reason why half these fighters were on a Versus card. Most of the card was enjoyable if I kept in mind this was not a numbered event.



    Amen Jaush, fuck Boner Jones. And CB Dolloway. He is a good fighter, but I just don’t like his face. And while I’m at it, get the fuck outta here Matt Hammil! Dick Franklin ko’d you with a body kick, retire already!



    Dana: Please move away from this vector and get into another coordinate pronto. There’s no access for you in this quadrant.

    Hardy: Man, why don’t you goose-step on down to the women and children over there and give them your little power trip, because they may be impressed by it, asshole!

    Dana: Young man, I’m gonna twist off your head and spike it onto the floors of a nightmare you can’t even imagine! I will dance with you inside the six-sided ring of fire, unless you move from this area, far and fast, NOW!





    Bye Nick Diaz. I’ve seen enough from you, you fucking stoner moron. I’ve been disappointed for the last time. I’ll root for Tito Ortiz before I root for your monkey ass.


    G Funk

    Any/All Brazilian ATT fighter to die a douche/cock related death. Yes, that one.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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