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why were you banned from bloody elbow?

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    since so many of us seem to have been kicked off of there, i thought it might be fun to recount the ways we’ve been booted from the resident fascist mma site of the internets


    Ill start: got axed because i started a flame ware with thisredengine and then called kidnate’s integrity in to question for writing articles/making titles for the sole purpose of generating page views


    (it doesn’t have to be BE, it can be any site you arent allowed to post on anymore)




    Oh, man.  I’d have to make a list.  First time was for telling Nate that I had his wife do some field research regarding penises.  Then I got about five from Snowden, one from Brent for going into a Strikeforce thread and suggesting people watch Florida/LSU, a couple from Wade because he likes to do it… I think I’m at nine right now.



    i’ve never been banned from BE because i never signed up over there. i just started to slowly fucking hate that site because their writing, and commenters can suck a big bag of dicks.

    I’ve been banned from Cbssportsline about 20 times for cussing, being awesome in flame wars and crazy admins who hunted me down personally. true story.

    Then I was banned from I forget why, I think it had to do with the reason they offered xbox360 and ps3’s and shit for prizes in contests, but ended up jewing some kids over that won and just gave them a tshirt. I totally told those motherfuckers they were motherfuckers.

    pretty sure i was banned from i was a writer for them actually, and I was like, i don’t want to write here anymore. then i made a post that i’ll be writing at mmaopinion…dude didn’t like that.

    i’m still trying to get banned here but it’s impossible. i mean when Cunt is used by Ryan in his own posts, then maybe i have to post pictures of my dick all the time…but like, TIto’s dick was totally all up in my face. I don’t know how to get banned anymore!!!


    i never got banned because ive posted maybe 3 times there



    Snowden thought I was being rude to him. Wasn’t even being incendiary. Not that I miss it, the BE comment section is a victim of its own success.


    G Funk

    Anybody that visits puss-ass websites like BE and such are bitches. :-)


    i got banned for using gayweather. bunch of pussies who can’t even take a joke.



    ^^ Isn’t “gayweather” the term used to describe current climate conditions anywhere near you??


    no thats a “fagnado” or a “fail Storm”



    how/why do they keep letting you back in subo?


    ^he has a way with words… by that i mean he blows lots of people



    I asked luke thomas how dana’s pee pee taste and the humourless fuck banned me.



    I don’t post there but do browse the comments sometimes. Some of the writers do seem a little sensitive sometimes. Every now and then I see this Derek Sobitiki guy get flamed in the comments which can be entertaining on it’s own.


    i almost think we should have a contest to see who can get banned for the dumbest comment



    I will NEVER give them my page clicks.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)

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