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Why is Shawn Tompkins a god trainer with a record of 0 and 4 in mma with tapouts from strikes

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    How is this guy with his YMCA type karate training a god trainer ?? He tells his fighters in matches they are losing they are ahead so keep it up just to lose clearly pointed out by Joe Rogan ..And on top of that he use to tell he fighters at team tompkins they didn` t need jiu jitsu …I know a guy who went there to train jiu jitsu and was told no guy in pajamas could train them shit …Not a harp on him just curious about the hype .. 0 and 4 in mma is not good unless you want to learn how to lose you ok lol ..When i watched Mark H in his first UFC match run around the ring { i think he fought spencer fisher maybe } full out back turned running so to not get taking down i was appauled ..The match where monkey from behring jiu jitsu took out his one fighters and shawn left him there and exited the arena only to have the people he fought against help his fighter was outrageous … I just wanna see what everyone else thinks about him …Watch the video at about him getting arrested its quite funny he is telling the story about punching out a pimp only to be corrected by Krystof i think saying no dude you beat up his bitch lol


    yeah his record speaks for itself… he should only be a kickboxing coach



    That paragraph was pretty hard to read…and i didnt know mark homminick was famous enough to call him mark H. I thought you meant mark hunt for a second.

    Anyways, I really don’t like Shawn Tompkins, just as a person.



    durrrrrr greg jackson urrrrrrr


    ive never liked marc lemon



    SRY for paragraph had wisdom teeth out today so still trying to wake up lol



    Who is marc lemon lol


    thats what i call him 😉 of marc lame-one



    Those who can, do.
    Those who can’t, teach.


    those who can’t teach, blog



    He’s a kickboxing coach, not an MMA coach. Guy only took fights in early TKO shows because that’s how he was able to get the promoter to book his guys on the cards.

    Motherfucker wasn’t a fighter, he was a kickboxer. Imagine Couture vs. Toney, but instead of the side-choke it’s just weak ass punches from mount. Yeah.



    who said tompkins was God’s personal trainer? I don’t think that would be the case. Highly unlikely and too miracley to be true.



    those who can’t blog…..write for FL.

    was that too low?


    ^ Nah, it was perfect.



    Those who can’t get laid, use Anime frames for their av’s.

    I’ve always said Tompkins is weak. Didn’t think anybody else cared enough to discuss him. Once you show up to a fight w/frosted tips, the betting line against you doubles.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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