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Who do you root for?

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    Not just ‘who do you like watching’, but who do you really root for?  Which fighters do/did you have an emotional investment in?  The ones where if they lost, it might actually ruin your day.   





    Man, you just really love Tito.


    I’ll be really sad if Pellegrino is ever cut because that guy can’t fucking read and I have no idea what he’d do without MMA.



    If he got cut, I suppose he could go fight in *shudders* another promotion!  That might be preferable to sucking dicks on the corner.  But he lives in Jersey so he’s probably done that once or twice before.



    I’ve been a hardcore BJ Penn fan for a long time now. He is and will always be my favorite fighter. I also always root for Joe Benavidez, seeing as we went to high school together. Shogun is on the list. CroCop and Big Nog are two more that I always get fanboy-ish about…in the past Fedor would’ve been on the list, but I’ve had it with the bullshit he’s involved himself in. That’s pretty much it. 



    i will always root for nate quarry… seems like a cool guy. Also root for BJ



    I root for violence.



    number 2…who do you work for?


    Roxy, GSP, and Ubereem.

    And that’s taking it baaaaack with the Tito Bouquet.



    Dominick Cruz is one of my new favorites, watching him fight is like a riveting game of pong. same with Frankie Edgar. i know its not the most popular style of fighting but that shit is fascinating to watch. i think they are both gonna be the champ for a while.

    Rusomar (how the fuck do you spell his name) Paul Harris, he looks like this guy named Taco that used to live on my couch, so i always root for him.

    Anderson Silva, when he shows his jedi skills i’m rooting for him, but when he’s Abu Dhabi Anderson i hate his face. its a love/hate relationship.

    Jon Jones, so far most of his fights are like watching an adult beat up children. its like performance art.

    Nik Lentz, people hate this guy but he’s secretly awesome. he looks like he’d be a Dr. Who villain, and if you were to play paper, rock, scissors with him he’d always pick rock, yet still manage to beat you every time. how can you not root for a guy with down syndrome?

    Demetrious Johnson is also a new favorite. ever since that brad pickett fight (that he lost) i get hyped to see this guy fight. i think he’s gonna beat the shit out of kid chimichanga at UFC 126, at least i’ll be rooting for him to. in this case when he fights its like watching a little kid beat up adults, sort of like the opposite of Jon Jones.



    Fedor is high on my list. His aura took a hit with that last loss and M-1 is making it harder and harder to be a fan but he’s one of my favorites. Reem is right up there too.

    Really like BJ Penn. Especially when he’s got that look in his eye as he is punching himself in the face getting ready, I get concerned when I don’t see that. He’s a very unique fighter.

    I also root for Roger Huerta. I met him a while back before he was in the UFC and he was cool as shit. And he usually puts on good fights.

    I’ll put Hendo in there too. He just seems like all business and hard work. Who doesn’t like that right hand bomb!



    I’ll add Lesnar to the list. I root to see him get crushed. I’ve dealt with hard ass wrestlers growing up and this douche epitomizes everything I hated about them. I look forward to the skull fucking JDS is gonna bring!


    G Funk

    Aww, poor CAP got picked-on by the gay lookin spandex wearing guys?

    Joking aside, I want to see Lesnar get smoked aswell.



    ^I didn’t get picked on by them. Just sayin they were all douchebags.


    G Funk

    It’s called fucking around CAP, you really didn’t need to clarify… What happened to this place!?!?!



    the list of people i enjoy watching lose far far far outweighs the list of guys i root for. I’m just that full of hate. (Brock, Mir, Arlovski, Big Country, Barnett, Kimbo, Sylvia, etc and that’s just the heavyweights off the top of my head)
    make a new thread for people we hate!

    But gun to my head i’m usually pretty gay for overeem, rashad, wandy, sakurai and bj. gomi, belfort and hendo are up there too

    I would say saku since old pride videos of him are the reason im a hardcore but i’ve moved on to considering him not dying in the ring as a “win”

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 72 total)

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