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Which UFC are you looking forwards to?

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    UFC 121 for me… great fights all around.

    2 HW fights including a Championship with good fighters that arn’t slow as fuck

    2 WW Fights with title contenders

    Tito gets to fight a deaf guy

    and Some barn burners on the free prelims


    def WEC 51, main card is STACKED.

    and even though it’s not zuffa-related I’m actually pretty giddy about Saku-Mayhem.



    “soft head messes with equilibrium” while Tito’s idiocy can be amusing, the fact that his skills are so far diminished from the dark age period. And the fact that “soft head” is boring, except for staph infections make this fight a yawn


    Yeah WEC 51 looks sick.

    Non Zuffa wise Diaz vs noons 2 should be fun. If diaz beats Noons in a decisive manner i might not hate him as much



    While we are on the subject of upcoming cards, ufc 119 being a ppv is a frankly insulting. Charging money for a card headlined by Frank Mir who is 1-2 in his last 3 fights is a big fuck you to the fans.

    This should be a fight night card, and don’t get me started on Cro Cop


    well in my opinion when a card looks like a stinker on paper is when the card blows your mind. It might have to do with not getting your hopes up. Plus the other fights are solid and really the headline should be pretty good. Mir is a good HW contender gate keeper and Cro Cop is middle of the road at best anymore.
    matt serra vs chris lytle… say what you will about these two guys going any where but any chris lytle fight is going to be fun.

    the fighters on the main card alone have like combined 22 Of the night awards



    UFC 119 Main Card breakdown :

    Main event: see my first post

    Nogueira/Bader: Probably the only relevant fight, admittedly good

    Serra/Lytle: The only reason anybody knows Serra is because he clipped GSP once 3 years ago, sorry beating Trigg means nothing. Lytle, who has he beat?

    Sherk/Dunham: This fight is just to get a big name notched on Dunham’s belt.

    Guillard/Stephens: Stephens is gonna get another ko bonus when he clocks nose candy, not competitive

    Clint, judging by the chat during fights, we usually score fights the same way, do you really see 119 any differently, than this?


    not really but not every fight has to mean something. Every fight has at least one entertaining fighter… even sherk has been entertaining these last few years.

    who cares if lytle hasnt beaten anybody… neither has any of the champs of strikeforce.



    I’m feeling 120, Bisping/Sexyama and Hardy/Condit should both be fun fights plus it has Kongo busting up a can. That’s always pretty fun to watch.


    121. I’m really interested to see Shields / Kampmann (possibly looking for disappointment i know but still)






    I don’t look forward to cards so much as fights but the fights im most geeked about (basically I define “geeked” as fights that if i missed i would ignore the results of until i could watch them on mma-core) in the next 2 months are:
    UFC 119: Mir v Cro Cop, Serra v Lytle
    UFC 120: Bisping v Akiyama
    UFC 121: Lesnar v Velazquez, Tito v Staphed Up Deaf Guy
    UFC 122: Belfort v Okami

    Strikeforce: at this point all i care about is Diaz fucking up Noons’ stupid face

    Dream.16: Miller v Saku, Mousasi v Mizuno (I’m into Grand Prix’ no matter how big of a sham they are), Warren v Omigawa (even though it could turn into a hump fest)

    edit: I forgot that Huerta was fighting Alvarez on october 21


    all those fights are gonna be good. some of the best fights are the ones with no implication since neither fighter really has anything hanging on the line like a championship so the just go to fight not hold on to win.



    Yeah, I’m not thrilled about 119 in terms of “pay for the product” kind of show. These two are on the shallow end of an otherwise pretty deep talent pool at Heavyweight. I’m kind of looking forward to Condit vs Dan Hardy, and I’m also anxious to see Claude Patrick again, see if he’s a prospect (1st Canadian in a while).



    Just like when I try to pick up chicks……I maintain zero expectations so I always get to enjoy anything positive.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)

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