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Where is the chat channel?

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    Shine fights yo



    Fuck Shine.


    No. Fuck you. They put on some awesome fights you UFC fanboi.



    They put on some half decent fights.
    And they fled the commissions because they wouldn’t put the fighter pay in an escrow account.
    And they had a shitty ring so there were like 8 instances of people falling out.
    Fuck Shine fights right in their ass.

    Still, valid point, the chat is needed.
    Even more for shitty cards like the Shine abortion.



    Hooray for shitty unsanctioned MMA in a ring (that’s not in Japan)



    @ subo – i usually agree with you (actually you usually agree with me, but that’s another debate) but you’re wrong about this (or your’re just trolling, which is ok). shine is a great minor league (just like shark/bellator/taichi palace/mfc/gladiator challenge) whose purpose is basically to groom fighters to move on to the next level (i count strikeforce as a major league because their top fighters get paid like they’re in the UFC, well except for jake shields who actually makes less). and for the most part they succeed toward that end.

    a good parallel to use is how college football/basketball is essentially a feeder system to the NFL (without the promotion/ relegation) while the rules are slightly different and the talent level isn’t the same (and they aren’t getting paid… much) they are still playing the same game and being groomed for greatness on the grand stage.

    you are letting your fanboi goggles impair your vision, everything that is not the UFC is not inherently bad


    Right now the general plan is to just do chats for UFC, Strikeforce, DREAM, and Sengoku. I’d be down with doing special events like Shine and Shark Fights in the future. Do people also want Bellator chats?


    I would be for Bellator if my local FSN didn’t dick around Bellator. Sometimes they show it live, some times it’s on at 1AM :(



    College football and pro football play on the same sized field. MMA + a ring = utter bullshit.


    he glass does that mean college football/basketball is like Dream and the NFL/NBA is the UFC? Does that make the UFC superior?



    yes your analogy holds true, but as far as superiority goes it depends on what floats your boat/blows your load clinty. i like the college stuff better and would probably like dream better if they had a fucking clue what they were doing


    ive never liked college sports… well ive never really liked sports in general


    That’s very anti-American Clint.

    GIT OUT!!


    I think any well known promotion on the weekend should get a chat.

    Dream/Sengoku/Shark/Shine/Strikeforce/ ect.

    Or just leave it open like the old site.


    Wait, Shark and Shine are now well-known? I thought they’d only been around for a year and are already having shady problems? I’ve been out of the loop and sleep-deprived, so I’m seriously asking.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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