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what happened to the chael post?

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    just wondering? 


    yeah that was weird



    Saw it in my feed reader and then nada.  Maybe he decided to hold off till Monday?  Maybe it just wasn’t funny?



    Am I glad missed it?


    It wasn’t bad, just a short bit by Scissors about the FB page setup to welcome Chael with splintery-2×4-rape.  I didn’t read it initially as I usually just follow the post title link to the article page, but I just went back and read it to see if funny was an issue.  It wasn’t bad, but it coulda used some talk about the trolling in the comments there.  There were a bunch of mini-Chael’s being douchestains that coulda used some embarrassing.

    Since they took it down, I’m not gonna repost it.  Prolly just saving it till Monday or something.



    my guess is that since that pussy nugget thisredengine came over and accused skizz of ripping off his translation that ryan got all fraidy pants of stealing content (he DOES have an irrational fear of getting sued) and asked skizz to either take the article down or cite BE as his source. since mr. lector maintained that the translation was his own I’m guess he declined to cite something he hadn;t used and the post got yanked



    I dont understand any of this.


    Soooo Thisredengine knows that the only way to interpret Portugeso is his way?  Or was it Orcus who translated it?

    As silly as that is, I’d be honestly surprised if RedEngine wasn’t that much of a trick-ass bitch.  Oh well.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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