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    I mean, I get that it was self serving and inflamatory but it was also legitimately the best thing on this site in the last month or two.





    apparently, after some reflection, it was decided that the post wasn’t up to Subo’s gold standard of pee-drinking videos.



    looks like subo isnt working for flinker anymore. His SuboFightlinker twitter account is no more.






    When I was writing for the site, Subo jacked the front page of the site to write his Josh Gross article. Ryan seemed quite pissed about that at the time, because Subo basically appropriated his source of livelihood for his own vanity. As soon as I saw that article, I knew that this would be the final straw.


    That’s why I tried to give him a nice, helpful “BE MOAR FUNNY” pep talk on his way out. I never liked the guy but it’s a shame he had to suicide like that… He could have ultimately decided to channel his idiocy positively.



    Funny.. We come here, make jokes, and have fun here, but we forget it’s someone’s livelihood too. Great point, Dick. As part of the community, we look at the author of the post, but I bet most people don’t. So the message becomes, “Hey, fightlinker hates Helwani!” or “fightlinker and (insert site here) are feuding!” A little bit of forethought and respect for the site would need to come into play before posting certain things.



    Way to flame out soobo. Pretty telling when drinking your own piss is the highlight of your career.


    I think if he didn’t start off by calling Ariel (who is also Ryan’s friend btw) a “selfish parasite” it would have been easier to give the article a fair read.

    If anything Subo is the parasite – scrounging for relevancy off of the backs of fightlinker and some other dudes that know Donald Cerrone. I tried to see Subo’s side of things, but in reality he just got scolded by Helwani on twitter and then went completely bitch cakes. Dude needs to grow the fuck up – he’s in his thirties for fuck sakes.


    At the end of the day it’s also really disappointing that Subo would be willing to throw Ryan and the site under the bus because he got scolded on twitter by a real MMA journalist.

    If Helwani was as unprofessional as Subo was claiming, he could have asked for a boycott of fightlinker from his twitter followers and it would have essentially killed the site. If Subo wants to go all emo and cry about the people that actually are working in MMA for a living he can start a journal. At least that way he’s expressing himself without using someone else’s page to make himself look more legitimate.



    yeah, it was derek’s dumbass that got himself fired.  even though he was right, and it was obvious, he had to take it too far (for no other reason than to prove to Helwani that he was affiliated with this site).  sometimes you can be completely justified and still look like a shithead.


    Ryan pretty much put himself through hell for this site  so it’d be pretty horrendous if it went down because some kid with a complex couldn’t get over himself long enough to grasp the bigger picture.



    Subo saw an opportunity to shit on one of the biggest journos in the biz, and he jumped all over it with glee.  Whether his cause was right or not, he went about it in pretty much the most self-righteous, petty, and just plain cunty way possible.  He posted that article literally within an hour of arguing with Helwani on Twitter, which tells me that he just couldn’t wait to run over here and use FL as a medium to expand his little personal crusade.  Yes this is much more of a “dick joke” site than legit journalism, but I still thought it was very unprofessional and inappropriate.  But he doesn’t seem to get that it reflects on the site and staff as a whole, and maybe Ryan doesn’t want to be a part of some petty industry beef.

    Anyway, when Ryan pulled it, Subo basically rage-quit, and now he’s playing the martyr on Twitter.  If he has any soul, one day he’ll look back on this and cringe.  But for now, he apparently sees himself as a rebel who’s standing up for what’s right and such.



    Why can I not post?



    Here are the things that need to be clarified.

    When I signed back in and the post had been pulled – this was before I had heard anything from Ryan – my posting abilities were gone.  I had no “Post” or “Comments” links in WordPress, only “Dashboard” and “Log Out”.  It’s a small distinction, as I’m not going to continue giving free content (yes, my parasitic leeching has made me exactly $0 and two t-shirts in four-plus years) to someone that censors me.  But it’s true.

    Ryan didn’t say one negative word to me about the Josh Gross piece.  Anyone that’s been here for a while understands that Kid Nate is more than fair game (he was also ripped in the Gross piece and appeared on the same WKR podcast I did, because some people aren’t babies when they’re criticized).   That article ended up getting me onto Watch Kalib Run’s podcast, which helped Fightlinker.  Again: I never heard a peep about it or my relentless Snowden bashing (who did a podcast segment on BE Radio with me after the fact, because some people aren’t babies when they’re criticized), and Dick is a weird liar.

    I’ve yet to hear an actual criticism on the content.  Absolutely no one denies Ariel’s shittiness towards his coworker.

    I’m 27 years old. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

    If I had known what was going to happen before I did it, I would have done it anyway.  It wasn’t a flat-out firing or a rage quit. It was, strangely, mutual.



    At the end of the day, it made the site look petty and unprofessional. Nobody’s criticizing the content because it’s not about the content, it’s about whether it belonged here. When you post something, it reflects on the site.

    If you had posting abilities for the Denver Broncos official site and wrote “Tim Tebow is a fucking religious nutcase”, and it was the top story on the site, people would talk about it. “The Denver Broncos think Tebow is a fucking nut!” So you post that other story, and it’s “Fightlinker hates Helwani!” The owner of the Broncos wouldn’t want that attached to his team, and Ryan didn’t want that post attached to his site/reputation/livelihood.

    Yeah, you got censored. And you got censored because you didn’t think, and posted something beyond what most reasonable people would expect someone to post, without asking the boss. Paid or not, if I was going to post something similar, I’d probably have made a phone call first. Seems like common sense.

    We will agree to disagree on this one. I still love you like a brother, and wish you well. Hopefully you’ll still pop in on us in chat!



    damn, even though SC Michaelson was a massive chode who posted complete nonesense (after the original guy quit), watch kalib run was awesome

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