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Werdum is afraifd of the Reem.

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    “Both Kharitoov and Arlovski has beaten you. Do you think about fighting them again?

    What I think about is a rematch with Fedor. I wouldn’t like to give Overeem this rematch, I’m just fighting because the event matched this fight. To Fedor I’ll give this rematch happily, because I like him and he deserves this rematch. But first I have to think about how I’ll beat Overeem so that rematch can happen. ”–I-have-the-weapons-to-win-this-GP

    Cant blame the guy. Now that his “I’m-gonna-fall-down-but-really-pull-guard” trick is out of the bag I think he’s in big trouble.



    You still suck as a person. Go post on BE.

    For those of you with alzheimers:



    Yeah, he’s an idiot. Plus, Werdum has already beaten both, and beating Fedor at HW means sliiiiiiightly more than beating Overroid at HW.


    I like that thread.
    Fuck your mother.

    Either one means more than beating cock chestner.
    Douche sack.



    Also, nice spelling on the headline. Top of the class.


    I’ve been drinking. That’s why my writing is shitty.

    Whats your excuse milk baby?



    the topic starter is an absolute, complete moron.

    why are you bringing Brock Lesnar into this discussion?

    such a complete assclown.


    Werdum Hibiki? Awesome.



    all of this bitching will end promptly once alistair dispatches of werdum, fedor and barnett within the same calendar year. if he pulls it off he will officially have a better resume than brock and subo can finally shut up about it


    G Funk

    ^ What’s wrong with you? Subo will not STFU after that. He’ll just say that Werdum was a “UFC washout”, Fedor was overrated and never that great(even when TimTim was UFCHW champ) and Barnett was never good unless he was on roids. And Haduken is just as big of a Troll as puss ass Subo.



    You can’t really blame him.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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