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    Spicoli is a tough talker. He must live in fairy land where everyone speaks politely & with a british accent. Personally, I wear a monacle. Also, GlassJaw is MY cunt.


    I spent ages working on the new theme’s CSS to work in IE, somethings are different like the rounded corners and shadows on the text but that’s cause IE doesn’t support that, everything else should be alright on IE though, I tested it thoroughly in IE 8. If you’re running anything lower then it’s your own fault 😛 seriously your leaving yourself open to so many security holes & crappy adware.

    Site should work fine on IE 7 to, but IE 6 it’s a little funny because of the transparent png’s. I think the only people on IE 6 are chinese kids, a wide range of huge sites have all dropped support IE 6 anyway.

    Spicoli, if possible you should switch to Firefox or Chrome – not just for this site, but they’re much faster and safer. That’s my advise as an IT professional.



    ^ vindication!

    @ spicoli – so lessee if i get this straight, you’d rather spend HOURS looking for a fix to shitty ass IE then take 10 SECONDS and download a different (and far superior browser)? my dumbass assessment stands


    ^ Are you two going to be the next Subo/Millertime?



    I’ve switched to Chrome @ home (hey, that rhymes). Only tards & grandparents use IE. Spicoli still uses Polaroid instant film cameras as well….



    There’s nothing wrong with Pornaroids.



    I check FL out a few times a day from many different computers. I never got a popup. I dont have popup blockers and i use firefox.


    did some stuff and now Fightlinker should load a lot faster now!



    lol, I like this site even more now.

    I use IE mostly because I work in IT and I want to be up to speed on what most of my clients use and experience. And most of them use IE. I have safari, chrome and firefox installed, but I browse mostly with IE.

    All good.



    What’s wrong with Polaroid?

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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