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    It was a long held fact that after the WEC dropped its heavier weight classes that their lightweight division was a second and possible third string group of fighters compared to the UFC.


    Now that the entire WEC roster has been absorbed we are going to see if that theory will hold true.

    Shane Roller (WEC fighter only lost to Pettis via sub and Bendo via TKO) taking on Thiago Tavares (decisioned Manvil and went to a draw with fan favorite Nick Lentz)



    Anthony “The Nigerian Money Offer” Njokuani vs Edson “King Leg Kick” Barboza 

    You used to be able to say that Anthony would only lose if his ground game got exploited but seeing how his last defeat came via tko you could say his stand up isn’t invincible either.

    Barboza was last seen taking the leg off of last minute replacement Mike Lullo in on of the most brutal displays of leg kicks not being thrown by a certain featherweight champ.


    I personally think that most of the hight level WEC 155’ers (Pettis,Bendo,Cerrone,Roller,Shalarous,Bartimus,Castillo) will stick around for a while as the other guys (hordeski,zhan,downes etc.) will either drop to featherweight or get cut. I would even go as far to say that there will be more ex ufc lightweights dropping down than them signing new 145’ers

    I also see another WEC fighter getting a title shot after Pettis within the next 2 years.

    This has more to do with 155 being a more talent rich weight class than it does one the UFC guys being automatically better than everyone else.




    Seeing guys like Condit and Sonnen do well for themselves and to a lesser extent Stann and Munoz also adds weight to my theory that the guys who won the majority of their WEC fights will do just fine in the UFC.



    barboza will murder njokuani

    there will be less than 5 WEC lightweights in the UFC in 2 years


    Bendo vs Mark Bocek

    Jim Miller vs Kamal Shalorus

    I am really anticipating these match ups, I think bendo will surprise people and that Kamals sloppy stand up will be his undoing.


    Also got Cerrone vs Paul Kelly coming up on short notice since Sam Stout got injured coming up next month on the 126 superbowl card.



    Roop is 145. Zhang is utter trash w/a receding hairline.

    Black–>Bocek & Miller wi fucking roll!! Cerrone has a great chance to win his fight.



    Ratcliff is garbage too.



    WEC lightweight that I think will last more than one UFC fight.


    I say about 5 of them will be long term UFC fighters. 2 or 3 will stick around due to promotional benefits (EX. Zhang).

    UFC lightweights that can’t hang with someone like Guida/Gomi/Fisher will be one away from being cut.

    Edit: removed Roop – Thanks Frickshun



    Ratcliff may not be top tier, but he can outlast a lot of lower tier guys.

    Zhang – Agree, but if 0.01% of the population of China watch this guy, we are still talking (approx) 133,146 people.



    I don’t expect either Iron Sheik or Bartimus to last long.


    P W

    “Zhang – Agree, but if 0.01% of the population of China watch this guy, we are still talking (approx) 133,146 people.”

    You mean illegally? As far as I know the UFC doesn’t have a tv deal in China. In Mongolia though (before anyone gets confused, Zhang is from Inner Mongolia, which is a province of China).



    they have a deal with “Inner Mongolian” television, it’s supposed to reach like 250 million + homes



    I channel my inner mongolian every time I watch “Iron Monkey”.



    I was looking forward to Cerrone vs Cole Miller, but apparently he’s going to replace Sam Stout against Paul Kelly at UFC 126 instead.


    yeah but inner mongolia network could be the ION of China – no one watches it. Who knows what time it’s on too? Like 4am between 3 hour worship sessions of their communist overlords?

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