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UFC super fans.. help me out on Vitor Belfort v Silva

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    It’s funny how people rag Fedor and Overeem for not fighting the “best” and let guys like Vitor completely off the hook, even to the point of looking the other way on a title shot in the wrong fucking division.

    Beating Rich Franklin is a good thing I guess….but he hasn’t been on top form in a long long time. Matt “the chin” Linland is the biggest name he’s beaten since his loss to Dan Henderson. Before that it was the days of Japanese cans.

    I don’t know.. somebody help me out and explain how it’s not a big deal here. Why Vitor is universally accepted with a spotty record.

    Not to mention it’s a bad style match-up for him. Silva is the master counter puncher, and has been dying for a guy who will rush in throwing punches.

    Put those super fan ufc goggles on me and tell me why Vitor isn’t a can?



    Takeoff your troll pants.


    Tell me where I’m wrong first.



    I think you need a nap, just take a break and everything will be ok.


    im totes srs brah.



    There you go buddy. Here. take some of these pills…yyeeeahh it’ll take the edge off. Now just calm down and forget you ever existed.



    Fyeedoor–>this fight is like drunken sex with a fatty. We weren’t getting laid any other way. Lay down & take it like the desperate MMA fans we are.

    Who the fuck else should Andy fight???? Isn’t Okami lined up next? Dumbass.


    G Funk

    Vitor got a title shot, he’s not being touted as “the best of all time” or “the best in his division”.

    How is Vitor “Universally excepted”?

    Vitor has stepped up and taken the challenge of fighting the best MW ever.

    Plus, Frickshun quote, “Who the fuck else should Andy fight???? Isn’t Okami lined up next? Dumbass.”

    I would rather see Vitor vs Slva than Silva vs. anybody in the MW division.

    Now pull a Sub-oh and pick your battles blindingly & with much bias. Do you see that you are exactly like the one you so despise? Dumbass.



    guys you ruined it! now he’s going to respond with gibberish!! I was just about to anally rape his mouth!!





    i dont like this fight but like people said before who the fuck else is anderson gonna fight? Silva is like a retarded kit and kittens… he needs something to keep his mind active or we get Maia/Cote/Laites/Sonnen


    welllll.. he could fight GSP since GSP is being fed nobodies too.


    And I’m not talking about best of all time, but they do kind have to be the best in their weight class for the UFC to be considered the best of the best?

    That’s the whole point.

    I guess I’ll have to wait on this one like I’m waiting on a decent UFC HW fight besides Cain and JDS.

    Oh wells.



    GSP is being fed nobodies? Can Nick Diaz be fed a negative being?

    Troll harder. If Chael had kept his title shot you’d be bitching about that too. I’ve been against Belfort walking into a shot after beating Rich at 195, but Chael’s suspension fucked up the Belfort/Okami fight. Now, they both get title shots. Not ideal, but not criminal either.



    lol @ GSP being fed nobodies when Nick Diaz is defending his belt against FUCKING CYBORG SANTOS!!!

    i agree with subes on all counts

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)

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