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    Lurked on Fightlinker for years. This amused me, thought it might amuse someone else too.

    I listen to “intelligent rap”. And yeah, I know, that’s like calling someone a well educated idiot. Well anyways, I bought a new album today. To my surprise, one of the tracks on the album was about UFC. Well, not really. It uses UFC as a metaphor for.. life? Or something.

    Since the album is brand new, I only managed to find it on some sketchy mp3streaming site in streaming form, but atleast it streams without raping your eyes or browser. If you manage to find the play button that is:




    Not really digging the rap all that much but interesting lyrics.

    I’m more into rap music for the beats/sound as opposed to the lyrics. (yeah I’m white) Who is tops on your list of “Intelligent rappers”?

    I listen to some Pep Love from Hieroglyphics sometimes, he’s got a positive vibe but I need to be in the right mood for it.


    I agree, his rhyme schemes need work, and he raps in that monotone manner on all the tracks, just thought it was a fun little tidbit to share that you probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise. 

    Uhm, I have a hard time singling out one single favorite in anything, so i’ll just throw a couple newish tracks i like your way:

    And to keep this loosely related to mma still: BUTTERBEAN COPPER SHOW. YES! YESYESYES! 



    boring thread.


    A foghorn sounds in the distance…


    Valid point. Boring threads are still better than stupid replies though.



    Killer Condom burneddddd Phoeniggz!!!!! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH SNAP!! Maybe you aren’t much of a rap fan if you can’t say “intelligent rap” w/o putting it in quotes. I listen to almost every genre of rap going back to THE BEGINNING. Back when you faggots called it a fad. Before Beastie Boys & Run DMC. Before it was on TV. Before entire radio stations were dedicated to it. Let’s see who is “intelligent”…..not in every song but certainly doesn’t make “dumb” music: 1) Jeru The Damaja 2) Organized Konfusion 3) Ras Kass 4) De La Soul 5) Common 6) Dead Prez 7) J-Live 8) Masta Ace

    I could keep going but most of it would be lost on you guys. In fact, if you want to hear sick lyrics, check out MC Paul Barman. He’s the ultimate in Nerdcore. Funny ass white boy w/some of the craziest metaphors you’ve ever heard. This guy has written word puzzles for the NY Times. As smart as he is, he never takes it too seriously b/c that’s what the music is mostly about.

    Now I’m just pissed. This is why I was a music snob in high school. Took me years to accept that anybody LIKE YOU GUYS even deserved to listen to this music. And yes, I listen to the “club bangerz” as well. Why the fuck not you FUCKING IGNORAMUSES.


    WTF are you throwing a tantrum for?  Because they don’t like the same music as you?  No wonder you play volleyball.


    someone is a rap snob



    DJ–>fuck you, friendship over. Okay, it’s back on.

    Clint–>I can’t take you seriously w/that damn monacle on. I think you should change it to a Borg laser-eye thingy or Robocop visor.



    I always knew the volleyball players had their pulse on the rap scene! Frick De La should be #1. Please put together a list suitable for me that I can handle.

    I got some Sage Francis in my mix Condom Filler.

    Penix sorry rap does not work well with glow sticks.


    G Funk

    Same ‘ol song, Frick throws on his elitist rap cap. Smells really white in here, kinda like day old mayo and fresh bologna.

    Where’s slackey? He’ll love this thread.



    honey ham.



    it’s all abou aout \f\\cuking tachno and hradstyle and fucking dj ravine bitches fuck this nigger music.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 62 total)

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