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UFC 166 Poster of the Future(just like old times)

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    Haha fuck yeah dude these are hilarious! Not sure what I like more the crazy Wand or the lounge singing Dos Santos.



    thanks. I’ll probably do more of these.



    Hyan, are you seeing this shit?

    I blame rebellion for it already (also for climate change and the government shut down)



    UFC ONE photo ufc1postercopycopy.jpg


    Phoenix! Nice work son. That was definitely entirely worth all the effort.

    Bottom right and top right. You owe me $5 million. Do you want my bank details to transfer it in?



    I don’t know what the fak Doogie is talking about. Butters is the tat on the fat baby. A little uninspired Phoenigga but the 2nd & 3rd had me squirting pee.

    Also, on Facebook, I need you to chop that Jake pic so he’s hugging Yoko Ono.

    SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ah. I did not see the tat on the baby. I did not spend a great deal of time inspecting the small child as, unlike Frickshun, I am not a kiddie-fiddler.

    I was talking about the other 2 posters. I did think it odd that Phoenix only put Butters in 2 posters and not in the other one, but not odd enough that I actually looked at what he had done in any detail. Does that mean I don’t get $5 million? Do I owe Phoenix $5 million for falsely claiming it?

    Give me your bank details, Phoenix, and I’ll make the transfer today. And please accept my apologies. Not you, Frickshun. You can go swivel for pointing out my incontinence.



    I miss Butters so much. He was like the Stevie to our collective Kenny Powers.



    This classical poster looking beautiful. Thanks Phoenix. You did a good job. I will definitely print some poster from this site –

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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