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    Someone told me UFC 122 was happening this Saturday. I replied with, “I don’t know what those letters mean,” and I shoved him back in the trunk of my car.

    Fightlinker asked me to come up with a few predictions for the card because they hate subo. I’m not entirely sure what a FIghtlinker is, so I said let’s do this and figured out how to make words into sentences.

    Nate Moreqort is fighting Okami and the winner gets an explosion.

    George Rivers is fighting Antonio Sakara which will determine the UFC’s middle-weight subpar fighter. I predict Sakara will come out with better walk out music than that other douchebag.

    There’s this other fighter on the card fighting some other guy named Siver. It’s stupid because that’s not even a real name. I just made it up. Trust me. I can do this. WInner thinks he’s going to fool everyone with his last name that he is the winner of the fight already. It hasn’t happened yet, bitch. Prediction: Winner throws at least 2 punches and 3 and half leg strikes.

    Sadollah fights Sobatta which is hilarious because it rhymes sorta. The crowd will erupt and or erect into laughter, causing Joe Rogan to mix up the names the entire fight thus Goldie finds it too funny to breath anymore and dies. No one helps because he should have shut up a long time ago.

    Sluzinsky takes on Gorian Relish and in a weird turn of events, between the 2nd and 3rd rounds they will trade fight shorts and gloves to confuse the audience and make their cornermen have to decide which is the real one, and which one to kill.

    Also, another prediction, Dana White cancels the rest of the fights on the card after discussing with me and agreeing that those fights are stupid. He then insists on watching the fights in the middle of the Octagon because he wants to be on tv more and resorts to wearing 3D glasses in hopes of making the fights not fucking suck since UFC 89.

    Prediction: Bruce Buffer whispers the entire night.

    You guys can add your predictions down below but they’ll be stupid anyway and I don’t want you ruining this for me.



    IamPenis continues his run of funny. Your dealer deserves a pat on the back. Unfortunately, your dealer sells post-op transexual she-male hookers that refused to continue their hormone therapy causing their confused bodies to lie in a state of gender limbo.

    Bravo Phoenix.


    G Funk

    Yes, I’d have to admit he’s been funny lately, here’s to hoping it doesn’t get over his head and he starts trying really hard to be funny again, cause that equals epic fail. Retards can be funny! Is that a nun in your avatar?



    @ieatporndix…….when you try to hard, you’ll start talking about post-op transexual she-male hookers……don’t be that guy.



    Touche. And Penixes avi looks like someone w/goiters:



    BAHAHAHAHAHA please post this on the front page


    G Funk

    ^ How do you laugh at that? I squirmed and let out an ooooosh..



    not the pic, the picks



    My predictions are going to annihilate these. ANNIHILATE.



    Not your best work pheonix but you have been DAMN entertaining lately! I am hoping this is one of those sleeper cards that are action packed. Because outside the main event it seems super weak. And even the main event could turn out to suck. But it’s free!



    Today is my birthday!!!!!

    gfunk, it’s Akihito Tanaka wearing a Kinniku Mantaro mask from Ultimate Muscle.

    Subo, you can barely comprehend the english language because annihilate isn’t even a word.

    sup cap, is this the same CAP from the other sites? capncrunch that i remember so fondly?



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