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    iamphoenix–>Are you in the US and A? Since it’s free for me, I’m quite pleased w/the card. Are you saying it’s the same or worse than a TUF Finale or UFN card? I say it’s better & am looking forward to it.

    For the record: I don’t like BizPing & Sexyama is way overrated, but the fight should be mildly entertaining. And as overrated as Hardy & his punching power are, he’s a tough bastard. Scrawny Condit (who I DO like), will have trouble finishing him (whereas Hardy has a chance of landing a bomb of Condit).


    It’s free for everyone. Yay for the fact that UK cards suck!



    the only fight i’m interested in is condit and hardy. the rest are just whatever. and i’m in korea, so everything is shown on AFN. but i don’t have a tv, so i go to isohunt….


    No tv but you have a computer & internet?



    ^^Also, he has no keyboard or mouse. And only gets to use the monitor on alternating Tuesdays.


    Sexyama is overrated? He has two less than impressive UFC fights and greasing incidents going for him.



    …how did you know frickshun?



    Got a 100 bucks on Bisping, Hardy, Kongo, Queiroz, McSweeney



    I made a bunch of dumb bets on this card to try and make it more interesting.
    Actually feeling kinda good about my Akiyama/Broughton/Condit parlay, but I know one of those guys is going to fuck me over.

    But the REALLY dumb bet was Akiyama/Cantwell/Gustavsson.
    Good thing I’m too poor to lose big.


    I’d have just bet 100 on pyle at +300. Definite edge on that bet


    So will this stream live at 3?

    Are we gonna have a chat?



    Already up and rolling foold



    Pyle was a brilliant bet

    Jim: LOL at betting Hardy. I’ll be sure to make betting posts from now on so that doesn’t happen.

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)

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