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Top Ten Greatest MMA Fighters Of All Time (rankings)

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    after a lot of analysis and scrutiny ive put together what i believe is the most accurate top ten GOAT list. Mods feel free to move it to the front page, i know you guys are looking for good contributions.

    1. Rickson Gracie

    This one was a no brainer. Ricksons record speaks for itself, 462 official victories without a single loss. name one other fighter with a record like that, you cant. Rickson was known for his willingness to fight anyone, of any weight, at any time. no other fighter possesed the physical, mental and spiritual gifts like Rickson. and no other fighter is nearly as respected by his peers as Rickson Gracie. From the beaches of Rio, to the dojos of socal, to Japans biggest stages, Rickson Gracie has proved time and time again that he is light years ahead of the competition. Its Ricksons world, were just living in it.

    “when i finally rolled with rickson, i got so fucked up i questioned everything i had ever learned about jiu jitsu” – Tim Credeur

    “When I was really small, I remember having asked Renzo [Gracie]: ‘Uncle, is Rickson everything they say he is?’ And the answer has stuck in my head since: ‘No. He’s much more.'” – Kyra Gracie

    “rickson gracie is the greatest fighter of all time” – Brock Lesnar

    2. Emelianenko Fedor

    A wamma, rings, pride, and affliction champion, Fedor has dominated on the worlds biggest stages. his 13 win run in Pride FC against the worlds greatest fighters is the stuff legends are made of. Hes easily the most nimble HW that ever lived, and his ground and pound strikes fear into the hearts of every heavyweight alive. His explosive strikes, coupled with his black belt judo and sambo submission skills, make this Stary Oskol, Russia native the greatest heavyweight currently fighting. To this day he is still dodged by other so called champions, as evidenced by Dana Whites reluctance to sign him for fear of upsetting the ufc HW picture.

    “Look, I’ve fought many people from around the world, so I’ve seen many strong fighters. But like him, never.” – Renato Sobral

    “Fedor is God.” – Cain Velazquez

    “NOBODY wants to fight Fedor.” – Wanderlei Silva

    3. Jake Shields

    The world is now finding out what some of us have always known; Jake Shields is the greatest MW/WW of all time. Handsome and charismatic, Shields was a champion wrestler in school before transitioning to MMA. Hes won countless belts in his career, including Shooto, Elite XC and Strikeforce championships. A future UFC WW champion, this ADCC champion and first American Jui Jitsu black belt is on an unprecedented 15 win 5 year undefeated streak.

    “Jake Shields is the real deal.” – Dana White

    “Shields will be my toughest challenge ever.” – Georges St Pierre

    4. Bas Rutten

    Nowadays, Sebastian “Bas” Rutten is better known for his self defense videos and television work than his fighting career. But those of us who followed MMA in the 90s will always remember him for his surgical strikes and bone breaking submissions. A three time pancrase champion and UFC champion, Rutten started out training tae kwon do in his native Holland. he soon transitioned to Muay Thai, becoming a champion in that discipline. It wasnt long after he dedicated himself to learning the ground game, which he mastered in record time. He is still sought out as an MMA trainer, traveling the world over to give seminars and teach his deadly “liver shot”.

    “They say the only way to kill a lion is with a rear naked choke. I would just kick it in the head.” – Bas Rutten

    “OUCH” – Ruben Villareal

    5. Matt Serra

    Affectionately known as “The Best Evah” by MMA fans around the world, Matt Serra is the working mans fighter. The Long Island native was the first American to successfully compete in Brazil, and the first American to receive a black belt from Renzo Gracie. A UFC, TUF and Abu Dhabi Champion, Serra relishes his role as perennial underdog and real life Rocky. He will always be known for his destruction of George St Pierre, a brutal beatdown from which GSP never fully recovered.

    “You’re like an expert swimmer who never got in a pool, bro” – Serra calling out Marc Laimon

    “I dont know what to say. He caught me. He is the better man” – George St Pierre

    *6-10 coming soon*



    Wow, quite possibly the worst list ever. Is this a joke? Seriously..this can’t be real.

    “Mods feel free to move it to the front page, i know you guys are looking for good contributions.” it’s funny because FL doesn’t have mods and you suck at life, I mean writing.



    it’s like i’m watching a woman stand up comedian…all i’m thinking is STFU



    ^^i know youre probably wondering “wtf, where the hell is Aoki?” im working on the rest right now so just be patient. good things come to those who wait.



    Ive seen this list on Bloody Elbow. Haven’t been back since.

    Volds, you know your mom doesn’t want you to stop taking your meds.

    This one is for you.



     this is a bad list though “You’re like an expert swimmer who never got in a pool, bro” is one of my favorite quotes ever.

    Jake Shields should be left off the list because he has fought nothing but b leagues guys or UFC drop outs, except maybe his last couple fights



    “Jake Shields is the greatest MW/WW of all time. Handsome and charismatic,” Ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Oh that is a good one. You should win something for that.

    P.S. Whale peen.



    HYHYPT–>what’s going on in your tiny head, man??

    The list is tongue-in-cheek (yes, I just said that in 2011).

    Not bad Volds.


    G Funk

    Frick won’t say nothing to his boyfriend though. Frick and Pheonix sittin in a tree…



    nah g, i got what he was doing, thus my comment about women comedians..i don’t care if they are funny, i don’t want to hear them.





    There’s no point scolding Phoebe …… He just has it in for Volds. I don’t really give a shit about anyone enough to care about their lameness.


    G Funk

    ^ Sure you don’t k3wl guy, sure you don’t…




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