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Tomas Rios is a hack.

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    If Rios spent more time trying to be a decent .. blogger/journalist whatever and less time trying to “zing” people in the most smartass way possible he probably wouldn’t be in this situation.

    I know that a lot of the sherdog set have a lot of disdain for Rogan.. maybe it’s their denial of press creds, or maybe it’s just jealousy that he has a job they would die for… but having guys pick apart your job constantly has to be stressful and annoying.

    Also if you watch Rogan’s vblog he uses homophobic slurs all the time and explains the fact that he has no ill will toward gay people, that the use of the word shouldn’t offend people when it’s not meant as an inslut to gay people. There is nothing in his professional or personal life to suggest that he has any hate for gays, people of color, or women.

    If you agree with his logic or not, it’s out there and well documented.

    Also, calling Joe Rogan out for using derogatory and inflammatory speech is like hating on Wanderlei Silva for loving his fans. It’s his deal. He’s a frigging blue comedian for god sake.



    Rios is a fucking wanker. Can’t stand the guy.



    I assume you are referring to this thread on the underground:

    It is very entertaining and worth a read for those who haven’t seen it yet.

    2 Points:

    1) Rios is a douche and more generally an idiot. If you need proof I suggest reading pretty much any of his work.

    2) Rogan knows his shit, he may on occasion, (not this one btw) get a call wrong, but that shit is bound to happen when you are calling action on the fly. Also, props to Rogan for calling Rios “a dumb cunt”

    In regards to sherdog, Ryan nailed it in the podcast a while back when he basically said sherdog was antiquated. That site is pretty fucking worthless except for the fight finder (which still sucks because it has a clunky interface).


    Breen is a good analyst and should go on to a better job. But yeah Sherdog is crap.

    Rios doesn’t know much about mma, that’s what pisses me off.


    Completely agree with the with you FH, but if you are a known public figure/celebrity you should be very careful where and when you drop the other f-bomb.

    Rogan is a cool dude and his podcast along with breen, burr and Fightlinker are among my faves to listen to (huge fan of rogans in particular because they eat up so much time of my usually boring work day).

    Seeing as how Rios isn’t even writing for Sherdog anymore all this is doing is giving him free publicity, Rogan should of just ignored this guy, but I am of course saying this with the luxury of hindsight.

    I got no problem with Rios, his snarky mma elitist/hipster shtick does hold some merit/entertainment value, but this episode is kind of an opinion changer imo.


    It’s always exciting to think that the next call I get on my phone could be from Dana White or Joe Rogan calling me a fucking faggot. Go MMA scene!



    ^ lol

    Rios made a living off of bashing fighters. It’s much more rewarding (and defensible) to bash people that do things you do – like me when I bash people that write. I write, so I’m not a massive hypocrite.



    i’ve never heard of this guy. but i believe you guys, so now i fucking hate that guy! he pisses me off so much! i wish i never knew him…



    ^^^ follower…. lol



    ^the bandwagon can never have enough passengers.



    You mean Dana/Rogan calling you, calling Subo a twat and asking to have him fired.



    ^No they would be calling to congratulate subo on being the perfect puppet.



    rios wasnt all that bad. his work with beatdown after the bell and some of his prefight analysis was good (except the one ufc where he got every main event pick wrong).

    that was a good thread. rogan shit on him.



    Rogan to show respect retired the word fagot and replaced it by cocksucker (its a pin prick towards those that complained),



    Every time I heard that Rios was on a Sherdog broadcast I’d immediately shut it off. That’s a big fucking deal considering I’d listen to Jordan Breen read an explicit description of two elderly people covered in mayonayse having sex.

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