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Thoughts on the merger/buyout of SF.

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    1. Why would any big talent in SF want to resign with SF? Say, if Overeem’s contract is coming up why not just go to the UFC and get acclimated to fighting there asap? There won’t be any prestige or reason to stay in SF when you know it’s going to be phased out over the next few years.

    2. Do you think this merger tanks the Silva vs GSP fight? New contenders for George, belt unifications, and tons of dream matches that don’t involve pitting two weight class champions against each other? Do they really need it?

    3. Fedor will probably retire by the time SF is completely phased out and will still probably never fight in the UFC. Dana won’t deal with M-1 and completely shut them out of the business. Funny though, any future fights M-1 or Fedor put on will line Dana’s pockets.

    4. Daley and Barnett are pretty much screwed unless they can put together a string of wins that really, really, ups their stock. They should try to fight and win as much as possible in the next year or so if they want a future in the new regime.


    It’s all down to contracts. According to Dana everyone will stay with strikeforce as long as they want.

    as for #2 its gonna be a while before any SF champs make it to the UFC unless their contracts are up shortly

    Fedor could try to renegotiate his contract if he wanted to fight in the UFC, god knows he renegotiates after he takes a dump.

    I bet both those guys are safe as long as they are under their original contract, as for re upping im not sure how much Dana will really care about the strikeforce side. kinda like how he had little, at least on the surface, to do with the WEC and their shit he probably will just continue dealing with the newly larger UFC and leave the rest to Coker



    Ubereem will never come to the UFC as long as he wants to keep doing K-1 — or until K-1 goes out of business, whichever comes first — because the UFC insists on exclusive contracts.  That’s probably the #1 reason why he isn’t already in the UFC.



    K1 is already out of business. they haven’t paid him yet remember.

    Overeem will go where the money is.



    Now he will go where Dana an Joe say 😀


    I now dub the Alisthor




    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ……….. my thoughts on the buy out.

    The one thing I haven’t seen mentioned yet is a Fighters Union. Lack of competing promotions opens the doors for a union to ensure fair deals.



    Jesus Christ I’m just finding this shit out…



    I think three things are possible

    1. They’ll turn it into there own B-League where the likes of Ltyle /Davis/Liddel?. Guys who just cant compete at UFC level anymore but can still put on exciting fights.

    2. Zuffa/Abu dhabi DEVILS will act like all mergers/acquisitions keep it around for a few years act like everything fine then WEC it. take all the fighters they want then BAM whats a Strikeforce? the kiddy’s be asking?

    3.^^^^ FUCK that Gif made me forget. Whats that from?

    Also, Remember how Dana said NEVER would there be WMMA in the UFC he wasnt lying, they’ed just buy the organization that has WMMA.



    ^Not sure where it’s from.

    I talked to a few friends of mine about this, I only have a few hardcore MMA friends. And their concern was now having everything on PPV. I really hope Zuffa doesn’t go that way making us pay for more events. They need free shows for the growth they seek. We just have to see how it all plays out.



    ^^WHA???? There are tons of free shows. Compare what we get now to just 2 years ago!! People bitch about the dumbest fucking things……



    Yeah I would say it’s crazy to think we’ll have to pay for every show, that’s just not realistic. That take kind of caught me off guard too. However the WEC was headed in that direction and if it was successful I’m sure they would have kept doing it. The event schedule gets really saturated so they can’t possibly charge for all shows.



    I think that .gif is from a scene in Scanners.

    Does anyone know which Strikeforce fighter is closest to having their contract expire? Will be interesting to see how UFC handles it.



    Apparently Lorenzo and Dana have said they can make match ups “if the fans wanted to see bad enough” happen.  And here we have Bigfoot calling out Lesnar.  I’d like to see that myself.  Bigfoot gets little respect and Brock gets way too much imo.



    CAP honestly I think dos santos if the most fearsome challenge Brock could face. JDS is a BEAST. To bad we have to wait till after Dumbass TUF 16/whatever. 

     I think that fight is the best measuring stick for Brocks true MMA spirit/potential

    I just hope the show doesnt dull JDS kill spirit. Being on TUF seems to do that some times… Q. Jackson


    id love to see Strikeforce be the “holy shit that was balls” side of MMA, not like the Japanese style of “holy shit that was balls” though. more like what the WEC used to be, exciting fights and good cards. It could be a place where fights might not have to really mean anything, not like they ever had before. Maybe let the guy who is champ get a crack at the UFC champ at the end of the year.

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