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thisredengine, now in charge of headkicklegend…..awfullness

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    the little kickboxing blog that could is now under the control of easily the dumbest and most ill informed ass clown this side of joe morgan. 

    he seriously makes subo look like john clayton. 

    dude is a kidnate disciple and will ruin my favorite blog outside of this one. 

    it’s going to be another BE within a week. 

    anyone have any clue what happened to dave walsh or fraser coffeen?

    if anyone is unaware (or actually cares) of the history between us here is my response to him being a douchebag and the shitstorm it caused

    fucking horrific, i’ll take subes over this guy 10 times out of 10 



    you’re not alone



    i have no idea what you are talking about.

    edit: Ok, so I did some research and found out that Bloody Elbow commentators and readers don’t like funny people, they get banned. There’s nothing more than I hate than being banned from something… banned me close to 20 times from 2007 through 08…

    Also, they like to really talk about MMA like how old people talk about colon cancer and their skin falling off…I don’t even see why you bothered to post that, they can have their SBnation, whatever that means, I don’t give a FUCK. I just need to be able to say cock shit motherfucker cunt bitch ass and twat I fucked your mom and not be banned, and so far, Fightlinker is the only site that allows me to post that.



    Walsh got a better offer from the Middle Easy boys. if I remember correctly. I wish him well.



    Heh, I got banned from BE comments for making one less than complimentary comment about Snowden. It’s not exactly a big deal though, the BE comment section is so overcrowded I was giving up on it anyway.


    G Funk

    That link was a ridiculous waste of my time. Thanks Jawsh!



    and i just got banned from HKL….it only took about 20 minutes and a strongly worded “manboob” comment


    i hate be but am not banned even though i referred to blowden in the same light as hitler



    remember that time kidnate said you (edit: single handedly) ruined his favorite MMA blog?

    that was awesome

    what an asshole


    yeah that was funny as shit… kid nate can go blow all the sailors in san diego for all I care.


    I got banned for saying Gayweather. Talk about being a bunch of sensitive bitches.

    FL for life!! Even when Ryan is on the rag and is an emo bitch.



    ryan is a woman? does this mean that jake didn’t always have to stick it in the butt?

    Butters isn’t going to get this one.


    digging, thanks for the heads up subo,

    holy fuck at Mohamed Khamal vs Mosab Amrani



    the fact that iamphoenix is now privy to our inside jokes means he’s almost ready to take off his jackal training bra. TITS!!


    I got it phoenix. I’m not ignant!!

    It’s too early for him to take off the training wheels. Lets see how he survives the Holidays.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 108 total)

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