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The view from the back of the Skydome at UFC 129

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    I was at UFC 129 last night and it was an amazing atmosphere. Ryan mused that he wanted to know what the view was like at the very back of the Skydome. Well this is 3 rows from the very back of the stadium in the 500’s level.

    Even though I was so far back there were screens everywhere projected in the most amazing HD I have ever seen. I’ve literally never seen a clearer picture.


    i hope they issued tissues for each seat



    that is insane. ive lost interest in going to live events, i guess its something like seeing bands play live – after awhile youre over doing that and would rather just sit home and listen to their CD while drinking a beer. but i absolutely wouldve bought a ticket for that spectacle. cool pic.


    i only see bands live that i know are gonna be pretty epic or if i get to go for free



    So you paid how much to watch closed circuit TV??


    frick watches at home so he can wax his weasel to jon fitch


    No matter what event you go to you’re going to be watching the screens anyway as it’s very difficult to see the action in the cage (from any seat). I paid $65 to drink beer, stamp my feet, cheer and be in a stadium with 55,000 other fans watching MMA together.

    Sort of a better time than watching the PPV broadcast in your parent’s basement.



    Been to 3 UFC’s & fortunate to have never paid. Finally got the seats right for the last one.

    But for what you paid, it sounds like a good time.



    The atmosphere at UFC events can be unfucking real. UFC 109 sucked balls. UFC 113 was wild. 124 was insane. Ive been to concerts, ive been to Stanley cup playoffs in Montreal. UFC events are totally worth going if you have an event where the atmosphere is worth it (a good card).

    I now wish I had not dumped my TO tickets, it looked surreal.


    im gonna go to UFC 200 in Moscow


    Yeah you’re really just paying for the atmosphere. But for $65 seems well worth it. I would have figured that the tickets would have been more than that even for the nosebleeds given the demand for it in Toronto. But then apparently the show didn’t sell out so I guess the demand wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be.



    Nice pic! Was the place actually full? I couldn’t tell on tv.


    The place was filled to the brim – not an empty seat anywhere from the PPV on (that I could see at least).

    I was just at the Skydome two weeks ago to watch the Yankees vs Blue Jays (which always has a huge attendance – same with Boston) and there were a fraction of the people there.


    G Funk

    I was expecting to hear the crowd roar much loader for 55,000 Canadians. Especially with GSP. I’ve heard much louder with less than half the crowd.



    I was expecting to hear the crowd roar much loader for 55,000 Canadians. Especially with GSP

    I thought the crowd noise was rather quiet too but I think the UFC probably turned the house mics down due to worries over them clipping on the broadcast. I’m sure it was loud as fuck in person. 

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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