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The Time I Took On An Entire Gang Of Bikers

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    Me and 2 friends decided to go by a popular ice house to drink a couple of brewskies on a Wednesday night. This place is a popular hangout with biker types, so personally it’s not the type of place I would go into without back-up. It’s not that I’m looking for trouble or anything, but I’m a realist. I know I don’t take any crap from anyone and in this type of establishment you probably won’t end up in a one on one situation. So the night I decided to go there I was with 2 of my toughest friends. Lance “Freight Train” Giles, a 250 pound former linebacker at the high school we went to, with big bones and huge fists. Also, Tony “Curb Sandwhich” Romano, a tough Italian that dropped out of high school when we were going and is now a welder. He’s not a mrtial artist per se but he’s seen many street fights and got his nickname from the painful finishing blow he uses when the situation warrants.

    So anyway we’rs at this ice house getting pretty drunk and checking out the bikers. Some of them weren’t that impressive, but there was one crew there that was pretty scraggly. There were 6 of them along with 2 good looking biker chicks they had with them. They had there club motto on their jackets, along with some beards and tatoos amd a fair amount of muscles. Now that you know the principles, here’s how the trouble started. Freight Train decided he was in love with one of the biker girls. That’s the problem with bringing this animal in public, you can’t control him. So he goes over and starts grabbing on her and of course the bikers are pissed and 2 of them get in his face. When I saw the other bikers were going to get involved, me and Tony stepped up to the plate. It was a face off now, 6 against 2. The guy who was apparently there leader said, “Your friend is about to get hurt. Unless you want to join him, I suggest you back away.” The other 2 knowing I was the toughest let me speak. “This can happen 2 ways”, I said. “One, you back off, we’ll buy you a round of beers and call it even. Two, you make your move and me and my friends have to put you down in a painful fashion.” They started laughing at this and the next thing you know, a brawl erupted. Now a lot of you talk about fighting multiple opponents, but you don’t know what you’re talking about because you haven’t done it. The truth is that strikes and grappling come into play. It’s basically a free for all. The first thing I did was take one of the bikers to the ground and slap on an armbar, but before I could do anything the other guy on me started stooping me, so I had to let it go. The other 2 guys on my side were also taking on 2 a piece. When I stood back up, one of my opponents bear hugged me from behind while the other was punching me in the head and face. I foot stomped the guy behind and broke free and then started throwing my Mike Tyson type speed bombs. Trading shots with both of them, I ending up scoring a flash knockdown on one of them. Then I went after the other one and floored him with 3 punches and while he was down, picked up a chair and busted it over his head. He was out. Then the other one jumped me and I took him to the ground slapped another arm bar on him and this time I pulled his arm out of its socket while he screamed. My 2 opponents were history. I looked up and saw that Freight Train was still holding his own, but Tony was being stomped on. I punched one of them hard to the back of the head and with sudden ferocity, I slapped on a reverse DDT like Sting does and smashed the back of his head into the pavement. He was out. “C’mon bitch!”, I said to the other guy. He picked up a chair and tried to swing it at me, but I ducked underneath it and took him down. There I simply choked him out. After that Tony and I helped Freight Train knock the other 2 out with blows. Then Tony lived up to his nickname by givng a curb sandwich to the guy I choked out.

    After that some bartender said he called the cops, so we knocked there bikes over and took off. Well, I guess the point of this story is that it’s good to train hard core but it’s even better to live hard core.


    G Funk

    I stopped reading after your arm bar attempt when fighting “multiple opponents”. You are a bad story writer and though I usually find you amusing. This was a fail.



    Roadhouse was awesome!

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