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The moments to forget

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    Sometimes we have those moments we would like to forget. This is my attempt at a never ending thread.

    Could be that fat girl you woke up to this morning and don’t remember how you got there

    Could be that embarrassing moment you had at your girlfriends parents house

    Could be that burrito you had yesterday

    Could be the Kalib Starnes fight! (Ok that one applies to all of us)



    Picking Ken-Flo to beat Maynard. I knew Maynard was to good at his game for Kenny to beat him, but I still made a $20 bet (between friends).

    Re: Kalib Starnes,
    We did get the “Rock Hammer”, and one of the most epic post fight crowd reactions from that pile of shit.

    Kalib on big screen – BOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Rock on big screen – YEEEEEEEAHHHHHH

    Plus a Rocky “If I can change” speech. Almost made the fight worth watching.



    Silva/Franklin 1

    Silva/Franklin 2



    didn’t i already start this thread? —–>

    oh well



    sorry glassjaw, I didnt know.

    I was there live when Kalib fought Nate. I had cheap seats but I still got to see fans throwing stuff at him and his team as he walked back to the backstage area after the fight.



    Jawsh–>I disagree (faggot).

    I’d like to forget the time yesterday when I was playing Boom Blox on the Wii, cocked my arm back to “throw” in the game, and ELBOWED MY DAUGHTER SQUARE IN THE MOUTH. Blood & swelled lip immediately ensued. My response was “Why the fuck did you sit behind me?? You saw me playing!!”



    Do you know how many times I’ve sent my kids across the room simply by turning around. I’ve gotta start putting bells on those little people or something. They love to sneak up on me and stand directly behind me and then….BLAM!!!!! You’d think they’d learn……

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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