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    Where were you and what was your reaction to Anthony “Showtime” Pettis’s kick.


    I was in my living room on my feet (due to excitement and the fact I had to pick my old lady up from work) hoping to see a finish in the 5th round because the fight was so close.

    My son had entered the room looking to get into some mischeif while I was distracted.

    Then the kick of kicks happened.

    I yelled “OH MY GOD!” and my kid screamed, ran at me, fell and panic crawled to my feet with a look of shock and horror on his face.

    I spent the rest of the fight calming him down, I don’t know if woke anybody up with my exclamation but I could not contain my excitement.

    Even my gf who is a Bendo fan and labeled Showtime a cocky douche went bug eyed and mouth was left open when I showed her the fight and amazing kick.

    Thank you WEC, you will live forever in the hearts of true mma fans everywhere.



    last night my reaction was wtf was that? ive never seen anything like that in all sports let alone mma.

    this morning after seeing the gifs and frame by frames (both angles), my reaction is it looks like pettis missed completely and henderson took a dive.

    im gonna watch that round again now and hope that the gifs are deceiving


    G Funk

    Yes Black, what a last round for an Org to go out on! We will never forget…


    Bendo vs Showtime was not only the fight of 2010, round 4 was the round of 2010 and Showtimes kick was easily the moment of 2010.

    WEC 53’s main event was the mma version of a viking funeral. I am stealing that from a forum but I know no other way to describe that amazing event.

    I already miss the WEC.



    Henderson circled away from Pettis’s approach and dropped his hands when he thought he was out of range, He got hit with the very end of Showtimes foot backing away from the kick. If it landed flush, I don’t know if Bendo would of made it to the end of the round.



    yeah that gif is better quality than what i saw. looks like he caught him there for sure. and yeah if that landed with shin, bendo wouldnt be getting up.




    My wife was asleep next to me on the couch so I tried to stay quiet and my jaw just dropped, it probably sounded like I was hyperventilating. Couldn’t believe what I just saw! I think Bendo may have been out and woke up when he hit the floor.

    Sick sick fight the whole way and topped off with one of the craziest things I’ve seen in sports!



    In the bar. It was happy hour so half priced food. Kind of dead.

    Me and my buddy were at the end of the bar, only ones watching the fight. No sound.

    I yelled out, “HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK!”

    And everybody looked at us. haha


    Also, WAR SHOWTIME! that’s the kind of champ we need, not that boring ass punk Edgar.



    I was in my living room enjoying a great card when I nearly chocked on my drink when that kick went off.

    Great card all round IMO.



    i was sitting in my doctor claw chair at the sandwich shop that i was forced to go into and close because the guy who usually runs it during the week is a filthy degenerate alcoholic. i was pissed because the chat wasn’t working for me and the feed i was getting was choppy. when i saw the chick i nearly choked to death on my bootlegger club, i just kept coughing and attempting to say THE FUCK WAS THAT??. then i pooped a little



    I don’t have Versus so didn’t get to watch live… checked my email when I woke up this morning and had one along the lines of “OMG the Pettis kick!” so when I watched it later I was waiting for some crazy kick the whole time. Not so much shocked as “Oh there it is. That was friggin cool.’



    ^ It was different live. You were already watching the fight and there was a real chance the winner of that round was going to win the fight (though I had it 3-1 Pettis going in). I was with Cerrone’s sister, so she didn’t give much of a shit after her brother’s win. I shot out of my chair and started laughing my ass off.



    There’s the name-drop again.




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