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The Lost Writer: The Legend of Notorious CRS

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    Notorious CRS was king hater of this place, but he was funny as all shit and was a borderline encyclopedia of MMA and rap. Half of us thought he was the best commenter of any site and the other half thought he needed to “drown in AIDS.”

    After we were brought in, Shawn, Ryan or I couldn’t make a post without him saying this place was turning to garbage, us new writers are bullshit that are lowering the site’s quality and whatever whatever. After a few months he decided that I had improved (and bit Ryan’s style enough) to the point where I was welcome. He’s saying that to me, and keep in mind that I’ve been here since the Blogspot days. Shawn was his only target for a few months until a surprising development.

    Ryan made him a contributor because he could rant like a mofo. But so many people hated him that there was a mass exodus of visitors (I’m responsible for some of that, too – sorry, Garth) who basically said it was him or them. Guns were stuck to and some big names completely left. The ones that remained decided to heckle CRS to hell.

    It worked. The guy was apparently able to give it but not take it. He just left and disappeared. It’s been almost two years since and nobody’s heard a whisper from the guy.

    His posting account has been deactivated, just in case.





    See, I thought he got banned.

    If people ever hate me as much as they hated him, I’ll know I’ve arrived.


    G Funk

    Nobody gets banned here you BE bitch!

    And nobody knows an e-mail or anything to contact him. Twould be awesome if he made a post!

    And Fuck you Subo, we do hate you to hell! Twould be awesome if you pulled a CRS and leave.


    G Funk

    And GayMessican, when are you going to make a front page post you worthless excuse of a contributer loser! FL has like four contribitors not named Ryan and Ryan is searching for more?



    I’ll get writing soon.

    There is one person who’s been banned from this place. I won’t say who it is, and I won’t say what they did, but I will say, thank little 8 pound, 4 ounce infant baby Jesus that they are not here anymore.



    I miss CRS. He was the only dude on this site that knew anything about boxing AND rap. Come back you black faggot!!


    I feel bad – a lot of the hard time many of the writers had was because I just brought them on and let them sink or swim without any help, direction, or editorial oversight. I should have been a better blog daddy


    Is it Lifer who got banned?

    Don’t be a pussy and just tell us OG Jackals who it is.



    It’s hard to tell who the old-timers are around here, cause now the board says that we all joined at the end of August.


    The great Messican’t told me who it is & I never heard of that guy. I guess I didn’t miss anything 😀



    You’ve gotta be kidding. You must not really be an OG Jackal, then.


    i never liked CRS mostly because he was constantly bring up the fact he was black. Ok i get it kill whitey and listen to rap.

    i think he is probably in prison



    never heard of the guy. but subo’s craving for black dick probably made him leave. fucking subo and your black dick hunger.


    Shut up Messican’t. Maybe I did see him around, but who the hell can keep track of every single member?

    See, I wasn’t the only one who got tired of CRS telling everyone ’bout how black he is.


    LOL ban Lifer? I still owe him several healthy dinners. We had a blast watching K-1 and horror movies last time we were up.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)

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