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The level of butthurt among some Diaz fans

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    is truly something to behold. Right now there are threads and comments all across the internet calling for everything from the UFC booking Condit/Diaz 2 in Japan or Brazil to the abolishment of state commissions because they are “authoritarian.” Ha. Ha. Ha.



    I’ll see your Ha. Ha. Ha. and you a Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha



    I figure he’d have his cleansing routine down by now. Otherwise just put the pipe down for a month and make some good ca$h and hit it hard after. I like my weed too but damn he’s fucking it up.



    He’s a fucking moron. After watching the 1st Primetime ep, I was an even bigger fan. Now I’m not a fan. AT ALL.

    Be professional you dick.


    G Funk

    His trainer gave him some herbal supplements unknowingly. Somebody rubbed cannabanoid laden creme in his armpit(s). Eddie Bravo’s pack of asshole stoners kept blowing marijuana smoke in his face. His mom gave him a hippie enema. He sucked the titties of a Cali cancer patient. Twas the pork soda.


    he went swimming… in bong water



    i’m disappointed bc i don’t get to see him fight for a year. however i’m still a huge fan and think he should continue to do whatever he wants to do.



    Fantastic video choice. I don’t care if I never see him fight again, and that’s mostly because he doesn’t seem to care, either.



    Why don’t you want to see him fight again? Would you rather see GSP dry hump somebody’s leg for 5 rounds? At least Diaz is never involved in a boring fight. So what if he smokes weed and is unprofessional, he only hurt himself. Its not like he went out and beat his wife(Brett Rogers) or wreck a car hammered and put his gf in the driver seat when he thought she was dead so he didn’t have to take a dui(Ricco Rodriguez) or just go on a crazy energy drink fueled rampage w/ the equivalent of a monster truck(Rampage). Diaz only fucked himself and it sucks b/c i wanted to see him beat condit(again) but oh well, shit happens.


    Um … I’m a huge Diaz fan and all, but it’s not either-or between him and leg-humping.

    And to say that after he went on cruise control to win a fight on points is redonkulous.


    G Funk

    He just followed Condit all night. How bout cutting off your opponent as he circles the cage?


    requires brain power


    I didn’t mean its either diaz or dry humping, i just wanted to know why people are so pissed at the guy. He almost always puts on good fights and I understand his judgement is lacking but obviously the guy is not all there. But other than failing a piss test, for a non ped, he really doesn’t do anything wrong.



    alright. i have the biggest boner for both diaz brothers. just because you like smoking weed just like him and say it’s from the earth so it’s totally cool bro…What do the rules say? You can’t do roids or anything related to that and you can’t do drugs. It doesn’t matter what you think about the rules as a fighter or a fan. it’s against the rules and all the athletic commission rules everywhere. Don’t get caught, or don’t do the drugs/roids that they fucking test your piss for.
    I got piss tested twice in less than 2 weeks time a few weeks ago. Guess how I’m not getting an article 15. Too easy.

    Anyway. Buttsex.


    you more of a spice and alcohol enema type?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)

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