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    I found this on The Kos’s blog

    Heys fans, it’s me again The KOS! ROAR! So I’m fighting GSP aka poodle dick as you guys know and I’m thinking to myself what I will do after I win the belt. I broke it down in a list, my mom’ said list are good and that it helps to decide things that are going to happen in the future that you want it to you know. You know what I’m saying haha yeah.

    5 Things I’m going to do after I beat poodle dick:

    1) Attempt a backflip. It’s going to be cool because GSP always does it. But mine won’t make me a fag like him.

    2) Pawn the championship belt because everyone already knows I’m cool and I don’t think that belt will fit in my jeans belt loops anyway.

    3) Eat nothing but Wheaties. I like arts and crafts, and I have glue. And a ton of pics of myself that I will glue to the Wheaties box, take a picture of me and the Wheaties box with my glued picture on it, post it on facebook and become famous and people will like me.

    4) Jackoff to the fight tape of me kicking poodle dicks ass. Also, this reminds me to buy more ky masturbatin gel. That stuff is so hardcore you have no idea. NO IDEA.

    5) I’m going to cut off my hands and post them on my wall because I don’t think the hands that beat up poodle dick should be used for anything else. I guess I’ll be slapping my dick with fake metal prosthetically built hands then. No biggie that’s how I roll.






    A true Jackal.



    6) Dye those pubes on his head blonde again after GSP blood stains them red.



    looks like he won’t be chopping his hands off. really disappointing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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