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    He won three NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month. (November, December, April). 80 dunks. 55 rebounds and his team in the first place, 138 blocked shots ranks first in the team, the team ranks first in scoring 26 times, steals 11 times his team in the first place. Jan. 25 against Boston and April 2nd half of the game against the Chicago scored 20 points. In the playing time (Dec. 6 against the Los Angeles Clippers, nfl jerseys china , 52 minutes), offensive rebounds (Dec. 27 against New York, 11), defensive rebounds (December 4 against New York, 16), total rebounds (four April 20 against Detroit and April 20 against Philadelphia, 19), shots (Dec. 18 against Houston, 26) on the hit record. Become Kevin Edwards (Miami, 1988), Nicole Anderson (1989, Orlando) and Meyer (Toronto, 1995) after the fourth rookie to participate in the first game as a player.

    The summer of 2008, the Bobcats with a huge contract for six years and Okafor were renewed, the total contract value $ 72 million. July 29, 2009, but the Bobcats Okafor to the Hornets, and get Hornets center Tyson Chandler. Nike NFL jerseys ,

    March 25, 2011, the Hornets away with the Jazz game in the fourth quarter for about 1 second time the Hornets are still lagging behind two points, the last time the ball directly to front, finally fell Okafor hand there is 0. Seconds , Okafor got the ball on the dumping, the cast, the miraculous, to save the Hornets, Okafor this bet will be the most memorable moment of his career.

    However, Okafor although very good, but has not played star’s style, it was in a second-rate player performance round and round, did not play meet their own identity particular draw performance. Even the Hornets, Okafor is growing like a blue-collar player.

    Bobcats now there is a very strong player, and that is a Gerald Wallace. There are three named Wallace league players, but all of them have relatively good. This is also very excellent Gerald Wallace, who was in 2001 the first round of the 25th pick overall by the Kings go. However, at that time the king of Britain front period, wholesale nfl jerseys ,Wallace do not have much opportunity to show appearances decline year by year trend, the court also granted a very good performance.

    But fortunately in 2004 he joined the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats, engaged after Zhuge’s perspective, this choice will not only allow the Bobcats to get one in every game to provide a stable and solid defensive scoring swingman, but also makes Valor NBA career with disabilities to open a new one.

    The previous two seasons, jerseys from china ,Wallace sufficient playing time and personal pushed to a career-high 15 points, seven rebounds, two steals and two fondue. Wallace represents the Bobcats 05-06 season appearances 55 games, starting 52 games. He played more than 30 minutes of the game the team is 16 wins, 26 losses, although not very good, but the Bobcats proved that Wallace is the cornerstone! Bobcats also proved insufficient firepower shortcomings, there are a lot of games are lost only 1-2 points or less.

    Perhaps Wallace will not be star-level players, not the mainstream of the deduction will be the NBA, but he is definitely one of the most underrated players. In the NBA, others want to dunk, jump forward after the city in parabolic flight, Authentic nfl jerseys,but Wallace is jump to the highest point, it continues to maintain a certain height to fly forward. Wallace such a “non-human” physical fitness, but also let him in the 2002 All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest and scored second place, behind the Golden State Warriors Richardson.

    Wallace is very talented, can actively into attacking, jumping, speed, dunk, well versed, very comprehensive! Is a rare striker. Bobcats can approximate the playoffs in the 08-09 season, thanks to his great credit. In this season, he improved his ability to throw the first time exceeded 80%, and the rebound is reached a career high, although the score slightly, but he did not change the status of the Charlotte Bobcats.

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