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    Diabetic co-worker doesn’t properly monitor his blood sugar. Was taking a dump & PASSED OUT. Couple hours after his “disappearance”, we discovered him locked in the stall. Had to call the cops. Co-worker was in a serious fog. Cops kept saying “MIKE, PULL YOUR PANTS UP….MIKE, PULL YOUR PANTS UP”. Co-worker was belligerent too. Cursing & punching stall walls.

    Also, he’s short, fat, balding, dresses terribly, has the worst/corniest jokes, owns thousands of rock CD’s & has THE WORST BREATH ON THE PLANET all day every day. He’s hairy too….arms look like he’s part orangutan.


    Egotastic has pics of Chelsea Handler’s sex tape. It was made 10 years ago and her boobies are meh.



    “my mom’s entire side of the family does this, the sky could be raining down goat semen and whatever is on the other end of that phone line would be more important”

    That’s not true…She’d be out dancing in it with her mouth open like it was raining skittles.


    Oh no he didn’t!


    i saw those pics too fivebolt… nothing interesting there. looks like convenience store security footage


    I don’t know why chicks watch her show. She’s not that funny. She wishes she was as funny as TOSH.0!!


    my uncle once popped a guys eye out while fighting him



    ^ vid/pic? or gtfo!


    Replace eye w/boner and that’s what really happened.


    how am i supposed to have a pic of that? this happened like 10 years ago



    ^ i make jokes



    ^^Actual jokes or GTFO


    You seem cranky today frick. Is the misses talking to you again?



    This is me in a good mood!!

    Got another fuct up thing that happened to me:

    Warming up for a grass volleyball tourney in Connecticut. I was peppering by myself (b/c I’m a hyper kid) under a tree. Turns out there was a HORNETS NEST about 10′ up & smacking the ball around got them agitated. I was also wearing a bright orange Nike ACG shirt. Needless to say they swarmed on me & I ran away smacking my head, face & body to get them off. I was pretty sure I got away unscathed as I played the entire day w/no visibile bites or pain.

    Woke up the next morning & 1 side of my face was swollen up so bad I looked like Rocky Dennis from Mask!! Completely unrecognizable. Apparently, I got stung on the nose or cheek & had a nice reaction. Took 2 days for the meds to get my face back to normal.


    That’s what you get for wearing an orange shirt and playing a woman’s sport.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 82 total)

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