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    are we up?!?



    two…. three?



    i cant see the main page, i get the BRB



    I was sitting on my bed, having just awakened from a night of rocking out with this philipino band, blanket wrapped around my warm body, rubbing my facial stubbled hair on my numb, tingly palm. I opened up my computer and clicked on firefox like any other day, like usual. Rubbing my eyes I click on fightlinker…except it didn’t work. 404 and 403 messages. I must still be dreaming, still having a nightmare. But no, this was not the case. I sat there for a whole hour clicking refresh but nothing changed. Fightlinker was broken. I knew what I had to do next, blame subo…so I thought of this funny forum thread I could create on FL and everyone would read it and laugh, touching their genitals wishing they added me on facebook sooner. I had to pee real hard at this point so I ran to the bathroom and pissed real hard. Came back to my computer and clicked on fightlinker but it didn’t work. Funny April’s Fools joke guys! is what I was thinking. But I looked at the date and it’s so not april if I trust my computer time.
    The rest of the day was filled with stale air, fetal positioned in the corner of my room wearing nothing but yesterday’s socks staring at the broken FL “brb” message with Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song on loop.

    So that’s how I spent my time when fightlinker was down. how did you guys spend yours?


    G Funk

    Watching porn



    I really got into that retard porn you introduced me to. I’m thinking of giving it a go for myself. It looks doable. Speaking of retard… HA.


    G Funk

    NONONONo, don’t pin dat chit on me mein! That was ilovepenis.



    phoenix you’re a sick man.  For the record I always touch my genitals when I read your forum posts and I had NOTHING to do with the site troubles.  Nada.  Plus we got the chat up in time for the Challengers card and your lame ass was too busy defending freedom or WHATEVER to show up.



    no front page still.

    Subo the more i hear and read your stuff, i really really dont understand why all these fools give you such a hard time. I agree wit at least 90% of what you say.

    (other than you ll always be SOOBO to me)



    there was a moment when I thought FL would never make it back online, very dark time in my life. I wrote a few poems when the site was down. I thought it would be appropriate to share on this thread since I highjacked it.

    Fightlinker broke
    it is weed that i smoke
    and subo’s sister i poke
    with my dick


    Ryans body is an angel
    I wish he was a playgirl
    He shoved fightlinker in his ass
    As any good Canadian would do
    Now if only Jake would come back
    And cum on subo’s back


    cut my life into pieces
    this is my last resort
    suffocation no breathing
    don’t give a fuck if i cut my arm bleeding

    I also wrote a letter addressed to the internet as well, wondering what happened to fightlinker….

    Dear Internet,

    It’s been about 2 minutes sense fightlinker went down. I’ve already prepped my suicide station, noose, chair…so when is FL coming back? Did you cancel it? Is it because subo has a small dick? We all know it’s because he’s a ginger anyway that stupid bitch. Don’t cancel it like you did Firefly, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau haven’t been the same since. Where will I post retard porn and girls with banana’s in their coochies? Where will I post pictures of men’s taints? Don’t you realize these guys need me in their internet lives? WIthout me they will get no pleasure and no masturbation material. They’ll end up fucking their wives without FL like fags.

    Please, restore fightlinker!!!

    Love, Hugs and Taints,







    I wonder what little phoenix would have thought when Ryan’s ass exploded for a month and there was no content, or when his neighbor realized he was stealing his wireless and shut his ass down…..this was but a baby scare. Suck it the fuck up! You’re way less like Chuck Norris than I thought…..I might give you Tom Berenger now….but that’s it. Those rats would have mauled the fuck out of your face………yeah, rats………I said it.


    G Funk

    HA! Penis wants to bone a super round fat chick!



    ^Yeah give that bitch the potassium she’s craving!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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