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Terrible card.

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    Boring ass fights.


    Plus, the only stoppage was the so-called “baddest man on the planet” crumbling like a bitch AGAIN when he gets hit hard. He has no chin. When have you ever seen a fighter run like that after he got hit? He’s done that in his last two fights, its embarrassing. He can’t take a hit at all. 


    Waste of 50 dollars, got robbed again. Can’t wait to see what subo has to say



    Tear tear from a bitchy MMA fan

    Horse shit stoppage and nothing like the Carwin fight



    Subo, tell me what you like about that card. There was 1 stoppage in 5 fights, those fights fucking sucked. How could you defend that? Brock has no fucking chin at all, he didnt contest the stoppage at it, it was fucking embarrassing.

    The only good part of that whole card was the 2nd and 3rd round of the diego sanchez fight.

    Yet another subpar card with shitty fights. Horrible.



    One good fight in Sanchez vs. Thiago, the rest of the card was mediocre at best, but getting to see cock chesnar demolished… priceless.



    UFC is running out of good fight cards soon we will be watching BJ penn VS Diego sanchez 99 if they keep it up ..same fights over and over its like the song that never ends ..Brock Lesnar is your typical jock hit em in the face they turtle only relying on intimidation to get by in life ..Look who he has fought in UFC ..Randy Courture his record speaks for its self time to hang up the old shoe leather , Frank Mir is a joke and heath herring hasn`t been a name in years they built lesnar on fan base only …He came with a WWE following thats why Tele Savalis {dana white } jumped on him like a mofo that spiked a 14 years old drink with ruffies .. UFC 120 should have been refunded to all that was like getting slapped by a 2×4


    how can you say that was a bad stoppage? Once Cain landed a few stikes Brock turned into Kalib Starnes in there



    I don’t think you need a card full of stoppages for a good card. Competitive fights that I don’t know the outcome of do it for me.



    THOSE FIGHTS WERE FUCKING BORING. Jesus christ subo, what is the matter with you? Dana will still love you even if you say one card sucked. The Diego Sanchez fight was good, but thats basically it. None of the fights were that competitive either. I agree, i don’t think you need a card full of stoppages, but boring ass decisions blow.



    I’m fine with a card without stoppages if the fights are entertaining, but those fights sucked. Sanchez/Thiago was good, Brock/Velasquez was good, the rest were balls.


    Yeah third stinker card in a row.



    strikeforce: diaz vs. noons 2 > ufc 119, 120, 121


    P W

    Agreed, Sanchez vs Thiago was the only good fight, even though I don’t care about neither fighter. I watched the prelims as well and it started of bad and never really picked up until the main event (which was too short and too embarrassing to fully enjoy). Shields vs Kampmann was INSANELY frustrating to watch.

    I’m gonna start downloading old K-1 shows to get my fight fix.



    babies. If you’re angry about dropping 50 dollars GET SOME DAMNED FRIENDS! and split the bill. its much easier to let a mediocre card go if you only spend 5 dollars to watch it.

    you’re probably the kind of guy who gets a delicious steak at a restaurant but can’t enjoy it because he is too cold/the waitress wasn’t cute enough/it was prepared by a black man, learn to cope or shut your hole!



    It wasn’t THAT bad.

    Other then Shields, the card was all right.



    was it 50 dollars? when i watched the main event online 20 minutes ago i didn’t pay anything at all. weird…and FL had 3 minutes of highlights that didn’t cost a thing. pretty entertaining event IMO, both visually and erotically.

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