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    Isn’t there a service that allows you to create RSS feeds for sites without RSS? There’s a bunch lately that don’t offer RSS that I wanna keep on top of and I can’t find shit from before 2008 on google.



    Ryan why can’t you just create one in google reader



    Another potential solution would be feed43, google it that should allow you to scrape any site regardless of rss availability


    Dapper offers a pretty neat service for that very purpose, called The Dapp Factory. It’s pretty ingenious. You just have to teach it what constitutes the different parts of the feed, and it’s pretty smart too. However, it might take you up to five minutes, depending on skillz, to do that 😉

    edit: I need to get myself an avatar I reckon.


    Thanks guys … I didn’t know google reader had that build in! Giving it a shot right now, and poked at feed43, but a lot of the sites without rss are also html nightmares and it’s tricky to nick just what you want. I’m still gonna use it as an option though … it worked really well with one site i tried






    I need an RSS feed. I can’t keep up with the site otherwise. Every webpage I read comes from my Google Reader. Had no idea the damn thing ran my surfing this much.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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