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    NOTE: I actually wrote this up yesterday, but didn’t think it was coherent enough to post.  I still don’t, but wanna get this out there since no one’s covering it and this be a home for WMMA.  Plus I can’t imagine the Jackals ain’t got somethin’ to say about this.

    After Toughill blew her last chance at relevance with (IMO) Barnett-level stupidity we now have Tara & Meisha putting on the worst not-fight-hype (summary by Zach @FO) ever first on Twitter, then in nearly 18 minutes of unlistenable radio. I’ve gotta wonder why they hate WMMA so much?

    Tara hates Tates weight cutting; Not in the afraid of herself cutting to 115 and getting raped by Mega-Megu-sense, but Tara is actually irked at Meisha for cutting weight against opposition that didn’t cut or get in pro-level shape. That’s Tara’s problem. With Meisha. That’s a problem she’s taking up with Meisha. Yeah.

    She heard from a “girl” (who won’t put her name next to this claim) that Tate like, totally took Clenbuteral, which is a fat-burner for horses and not a steroid. But then Tara morphs it into “I also totally knew she was on steroids because her shoulders got rounder,” which is a sure sign of steroid use as opposed to things like larger jaws, brows and irrational tantrums. Also, Tate got a knee injury, which is a common sign in women of steroid use according to LaRosa, who then explained it as “science” without explaining that it’s the same for men. Tara recently subbed-out Carina “Five-head Von Horsemeat” Damm with little problem, so steroids won’t stop The LaRosa anyway.

    She also won’t fight her because Meisha’s “all about the money” so she’ll only fight her behind closed doors at a Japanese gym.

    Hates Meisha for being with Strikeforce and -giving no reason for this belief other than Tate calling out opponents- thinking the promotion revolves around her. But Tara’s ego is in check, which is clearly illustrated by her barking “I RUN THE SHOW I CALL THE SHOTS” in regard to working with promotions– Yeah, you pay all the fighters and the promoters and everything. Totally not an ego-maniacal imbecile who’s lost her way navigating the real world. She pays for everything just by being there, sorta like Toughill and Barnett.

    Meisha doesn’t have any beef of her own other than Tara going on these irrational tantrums. She’s called-out Tara before, but that was also seen as disrespectful to the great LaRosa, who only fights in a gym or against gals who idolize her.

    Since she doesn’t want this rivalry to hype a fight, why the fuck act so childish in public when you’re repping a division that already gets little respect? There really aren’t enough professional-level fighters to support WMMA, especially if the people who are already here are gonna act this fucking stupid. This is schoolyard stupidity.



    so where do i go to see them naked?

    maybe i don’t want to see that. they are 6’s anyway. maybe one of them a 5. idk. i bet they got staph infections on their faginas.


    I can’t read “fagina” without saying it like fffffffffffuh-jyna.  Fucking Mike Myers.

    Hearing them talk knocks ’em both down to zeros for me.  No GIF will change that.



    i didn’t listen to them talk because they are women. i change my rating to 0.


    The female ego puts guys to shame lol, I didn’t know Phoenix was into mute broads.


    Men domesticated women for years and treated them as pets and maids, so I can’t say I’m surprised by any woman being batshit in a patriarchal society.

    The truth is, I’m secretly hoping Roxy tells us this is all a joke so I can go back to respecting LaRosa. But I’m certain Professor XLIII has other priorities right now.



    nothing that can’t be solved with a little mutual masturbation


    penix likes the mute chicks because  they can’t scream for help.



    Pheonix last GF, this is a pic of them lounging around the house.



    ^oh sweet, sweet Tabitha…

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