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    Isn’t it interesting that a man that does not watch kickboxing or muay thai, and if it’s not the UFC he doesn’t consider it MMA is writing for a website who’s tag line is, “Covering kickboxing, muay thai, and Japanese MMA.” All things he either hates, or has no idea about. HKL has gone to a bad place since it’s change of staff. 

    I just felt like i hadn’t hated on subo in a long time.


    On a side note–Liverkick is the shit.



    What Japanese MMA would you like me to cover?



    don’t care.


    lets cover sumo and nuclear powerplant fighting


    HKL is long dead. The japs ran their industry into the ground and honkeys don’t care about it any more.

    But seriously, did you expect guys who don’t know kickboxing to run a kickboxing site well? You can’t be serious. Methinks yer really angry at the guys who did know about it and left, but Subes is here so yer taking it out on him.


    G Funk

    Dude don’t hate on that. Subo has focused his time to other sites! 8-D  <—-shit eatin grin.

    Nice to see that girlstash avi again.


    I love Subo and I’m maaaad happy for his success, but the hate is from my lack of Thai boxing coverage. I don’t even think they were covering IS when I stopped following them. and while I think they know something about the MMA industry, I haven’t seen anything to suggest they have the backgrounds to cover the striking side of MAs in any depth.

    Like I suggested of High-hyped, I’m really just irked the old writer left who knew kickboxing as a sport and as technique. Ain’t their fault.

    Nothing lasts forever.



    DJ-You should frequent it’s everything HKL was, and more. It’s run by
    the old HKL writers.

    I will always hate on subo.


    I wish I had more time to read these days, but I’ll hit off that feed whenever I have time. Thanks man.



    other than being the most aesthetically disgusting site this side of tumblr. liverkick is the awesome



    Dave Walsh is a very whiny thing.  He hates the Strikeforce purchase, which is my new measuring stick for whether or not you’re a moron.



    Oh, and right – I’ve been ignoring all the K-1 that’s been happening in 2011…


    G Funk

    ^ Just keep ignoring it on all the other sites you frequent not named FL.



    I prefer small tits to big tits. The big ones often aren’t very sensitive.


    ^ derail king

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)

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