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Subo is not a MMA fan.

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    ^But not all of it is crap either. There is some relevancy outside Zuffa.



    I said I didn’t support orgs that didn’t pay their fighters or make the sport look bad. DREAM doesn’t pay their fighters and Strikeforce is an embarrassment to MMA. No strawman here – I defend boycotting both.

    I used to love Strikeforce. Then they signed Fedor. If/when they cut him, I’ll like them more.


    The problem is he makes fightlinker look bad.

    Giving this guy a voice on your blog and casts is just busch league when he’s obviously over biased and ignorant.

    There are tons of other people who could fill the roll and not sucks Lesnar’s cock 24/7


    Mayhem Miller hasn’t had a problem getting paid, and countless other fighters.



    Oh, so as long as you pay a MAJORITY of your fighters on time, it’s OK. Fuck that.

    Are you guys going to accept that I’m not going anywhere anytime soon? What else can I do to make Ryan hate me? I didn’t defend his man crush BJM, I do rankings for USA Today (Ryan hates rankings) and, if anything, I’m more annoying than I was at this time last year. I’m here to stay, bitches.


    G Funk

    “Gotta say I tend to agree with Subo more often than not. He has never come across as a Zuffa lackey.”

    What? You haven’t been around here for long huh?



    I think subo is a ZUFFA lackey in the same way that baseball fans are MLB lackeys.



    “its called the straw man tactic, attack the weakest point while ignoring the strongest thus making you look like you have a stronger argument than you actually do”

    That’s not what a straw man is. A straw man is when you change what the other person said to something different and then refute that instead of the actual argument.

    What you described is just a tactic.



    @ Razzle – goddamnit i always get my informal fallacies mixed up. i guess my poli sci minor was even more worthless than my family thought



    “Are you guys going to accept that I’m not going anywhere anytime soon? ”

    People need hope to cope. Don’t take away their hope.

    I’ve come to accept it. To use an analogy that’ll make you cream yourself, you’re Dana to Ryan’s Lorenzo. You say shit that gets people talking (and irritated) and any interest is considered good interest. You take the heat, and your smug abrasiveness contrasts with Ryan’s style and serves to makes him look that much more appealing in comparison. Who doesn’t like Lorenzo? Jake is Frank. He’s around there somewhere but you rarely ever hear from him.


    G Funk

    Super comparison.



    I would’ve said Subo is more like Dana’s turd. He’s merely a by-product of Dana’s existence with no intrinsic value. Yet, he has value simply b/c he’s associated w/Dana.


    P W

    ghostboner: “He has never come across as a Zuffa lackey”

    Someone obviously hasn’t been reading very much/well.



    Agree 100% with Subo.

    Fuck any org that screws any fighter out of their purse.

    Fuck Strikefarce. Learn to control you employees (M1’s part owner Fedor is killing your HW division).

    Stop signing deals that take control of your product out of your hands (**cough** Showtime).

    If you want to be considered the #2 promotion stop putting amateur fights on your Strikeforce cards. That’s what the Challengers series is for.



    theres lots of guys who got into mma a few years ago and are convinced they know it all. they think that theyre opinion is somehow important and everyone needs to hear it. 75% of the mma media are “that guy”.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 42 total)

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