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    as wondrous as watching scott smith, matt lindland and bubble gum sobral get knocked into the 5th dimension was.  It was basically 2 barely relevant sluggers crushing cans and one grizzled veteran stomped on a guy that is barely relevant.  the card awesome for reals.  but ultimately meh (outside of hendo) in terms of me giving a shit 








    still better than the piece of shit TUF card though



    after the success of last nights strikeforce and the failure of its ufc, subbo should be on suicide watch. however its more likely that he is pecking away at his keyboard, writing an article downplaying the atrocious decision, lackluster fights and embarrassing technical difficulties that defined last nights ufc.



    I didnt get to watch Strikeforce but I enjoyed the 1st half of the TUF Finale just fine. Yes, the Nam decision was worse than the holocaust….but we know Dana won’t base Nam’s next fight on that “loss”.



    Semtex was one fight away from fighting for the UFC WH Belt but as soon as he goes to Strikeforce he becomes irrelevant. Lawler is a top 15 middleweight, Big Foot is a top 20 HW, there was nothing irrelevant about this card. Great fights featuring some top level fighters.

    The UFC card was a piece of shit, but that is becoming the norm lately. When you let go of a hall of famer like Dan Henderson because you wanna save up on a few bucks you end up with a division where the only chalenger for the belt is a fucking roider with microscopic balls. Applying this philosophy to all their weight divisions is a sure way to push many fans away. Dana White should be more worried with the quality of his product and less with the so called expansion, lately the UFC shows have been weak.


    Other than the aforementioned shitty decision and the super competitive Story vs Hendricks fight (a true coin toss of a fight) the TUF finale was pretty lackluster in terms of excitement.

    Demian Maia hasn’t finished an opponent since his first defeat at the hands of Nate The Above Average, Bonnar had a fight where the only interesting thing was that there was when his opponent kneed his head while on the ground. Brookins vs Johnson was very competitive going into the 3rd but MJ clearly gassed after walloping the easy to hit Brookins in the first round. A lightweight that gasses wtf.

    The Strikeforce card while with less relevant fighters was a more exciting if I had to watch fights with casual fans I would of chosen the SF card.

    The Strikeforce card could of easily been called Strikeforce: Brain Damage.



    ^^Wich fighter in the TUF Finale appart from Damien Maia would fight in the maincard of last nights Strikeforce show?

    If Strikeforce featured irrelevant fighters, than who were the studs in the UFC card? I must have miss them.


    The real question we have to answer hear is how important is it that a fight gets finished?

    From two no name scrubs fighting on the under card, to up and comers vying for contender-ship and elite level combatants fighting for the division title: What importance does a finish hold?

    Anybody else notice nobody over 155 won a bonus award. A sign of things to come heavier weight classes, step your collective game up.

    I also think Radach took the most damage on the SF card, he was complaining about his head hurting after the fight and had to go to the hospital. At least Lindland, Smith and Sobral took their punishment in a lump sum rather than a 15 min walloping.


    G Funk




    The UFC learned what it must do – stack free TV card with squash matches to ensure spectacular finishes.

    Robbie Lawler isn’t top 15 on Mars.


    Only good fight on the Tuf card was watching Loveland beat on that other guy.

    Strikeforce put on a great show. Subo is trolling hard.


    Also Jonathan Brookins is another DOA Amir v2.0.


    he is an albino black guy who creeps me out.

    most strikeforce cards hold no over all value but are fun to watch… like an action movie.



    Strikeforce card was awesome. Really don’t see where any hate is coming from.



    Subo why do you have to act like such a retard all the time? You fucking troll. I mean get a live, find a new hobby that doesn’t consist solely in deepthroating Dana’s cock. I know you love it, but sometimes what you love can give you AIDS.

    Five KOS so you had to come up with that squash matches bullshit. It’s stupid and completely unfounded but that’s what one should expect from a butthurt ufc fanboy like yourself.


    P W

    As a black albino, Brookins probably has some kind of magical powers.

    I demand an investigation from the athletic commission.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 68 total)

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