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    Before I even get into this, let it be known that I personally have problems with Derek Subotick, hell I am even friends on facebook with the guy. I am doing this mainly because even though I disagree with the guy from time to time that I can still at least comprehend his his beleifs when he has to explain how he comes to his conclusions.

    Even at his worst he still doesn’t go into Snowden territory where he is just saying shocking shit just to get page veiws.


    With that out of the way if Derek would be so kind could you please explain how you reconsile a couple interesting contradictions or misconceptions I have noticed.


    While being an brazen fan of marijuana use and liking fighters who are hyper aggresive in their striking, have dangerous bjj guards, super resiliant chins and outstanding cardio how the fuck do you explain your hatred for the Diaz bros. but are a fan of the mile high version in Donald Cerrone. Granted I do not know about his recreational habits, but in terms of in cage demenor Cowboy is cut from the same cloth as Nick and Nate. 


    On top of that you have made it known where your theological leaning stand when refering to every outspoken christian as a “god sqaudder” but you have nothing but venom for one of the most outspoken atheist in mma in Frank Mir? How is this possible, do you focus on shit you don’t like and disregard what you may have in common with a figther.

    Last but definetly not the least substantial arguement to make is what level of cognitive dissonance is needed to be a fan of all things Zuffa even with the knowledge of their anti-union business practices as referenced earlier this week.


    I am a fan of mma and the ufc too, but in a day and age where the working man in the U.S. has so very few options in regards to job security, how hard is it to be a fan of a company that takes such and obstanate stance in regards to a unionized workforce.



    “I personally have NO problems with Derek Suboticki

    my bad.



    1.  Cerrone used to suck at wrestling – witness the first Varner fight.  He worked on it – witness the second Varner fight.  The Diaz bros would rather bitch and whine about wrestlers than make an effort to fix the gaping hole in their game.

    2.  Mir’s a jerkface.  There are jerkface atheists, and he’s one of them.  We’d probably agree a lot on politics and religion, and then I’d die because I’d say something disparaging about Miguel Torres.

    3.  Are there pro-union owners out there?  Every single labor force ever that’s unionized has had to struggle against ownership for equitable treatment, and fighters will be no different.  I haven’t heard of anyone losing their job for trying to organize – probably because no one’s ever tried (no, Randy trying to break his contract doesn’t count.)  Zuffa will have to be forced to deal with a union, just like every other group of owners.



    Weird Post, Black?!

    I have no problem w/Subotic except for the fact that he’s a cunt.



    ^ I seek acceptance for the things I can’t change.  Much as I imagine most African-Americans do.



    I hate posts where readers try to get all serious without any facts. “I am even friends with him on Facebook” is the cyber equivalent to a white guy saying he couldnt possibly be racist because he knows a black guy at work.



    G Funk

    You know the saying, “You’re not really friends unless you’re facebook friends he-he”.



    I thought you liked Cerrone because he boned your sister in middle school and gave you a high five in the hall that one day.?



    Dude, anyone that bones my sister has my eternal pity.  And I’m not posting pictures of us drinking in February out of a sense of decency.


    ranch hand and the diaz bros can all die in a glue factory fire

    just because you agree with someone in terms of politics or religion doesnt mean you have to automatically like them as a person.

    the UFC is anti union… holy shit whoda thunk it!!!!!!



    i could really go for some coffee and a pbj.


    PBJ? Pimply Black Jew?



    you’re stupid. it’s penis blow job.


    G Funk

    I thought iap was going in on a game of pussy black jack. Should’ve remembered that you was gay.



    i love dick.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)

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