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    since i have failed at making the ufc 128 comic big enough and or even funny, i said fuck it and fuck you guys. nick diaz agrees. fuck you guys this one is gonna be big i i don’t give a fuck. he’s my boy btw. 209 4life




    That works hahaha! No WEED?


    its all wrong… nick isnt in that good of shape



    Haha!! Simple & “Ef”-fective.

    Phoenicks redeemed.





    penix ftw!!


    good work again phoenix, what artist/comics are you a fan of good sir


    I recently purchased Dark Age



    dunno if you’re a comic strip or regular comic book guy but I’ve always been a sucker for illustration



    Black–>no offense but…..THAT LOOKS LIKE SHIT. I just peeped their preview pdf. I hate the art style, the fake grain, the contrived dialogue, the “mysterious briefcase”. It’s the exact opposite of what made me read comics as a kid.

    Track down “The Mask” (the mini-series that inspired the awful movie). That is what graphic novels are about.


    Its always tricky talking comics with graphic designers lol, my best friends older brother is one and when I brought over a couple of the mythos series from marvel



    and after he glanced at them and pointed out when the artist was on point and when he was phoning it in lol, the artist has a decent blog too



    I bought dark age mainly cuz i dig distinct original works and try to support the guys out there who are producing material outside the major publishers.



    black, i haven’t read comic books in awhile. like, years. i was into the punisher hardcore but stopped because i felt he wasn’t killing enough people and they talked way to fucking much. same with wolverine. then i got into frank miller. then i got into neil gaiman and his sandman series.

    last comic book i bought was Kickass before the movie came out and everything because i’m fucking cool.

    *jacks off to redemption and ftw comments


    G Funk

    Comics are gay


    i like the idea but would never read one. the last comic I read was aliens vs predator like 15 years ago.



    i’m going to draw a comic book and then it’s going to be made into a movie because comics are so hot right now. Hansel.

    WTF is a self absorbing man…self absorbed man like a narcissistic fucktard baby puncher?

    nah fohrealz i checked out that blog black and his shit is good but i didn’t get a boner for it.

    i like this dude sean galloway. i met him once in burbank pretty cool dude he drew the fucking amazing spiderman cartoon.



    Daley is thinking about pulling out now…



    Daley wont “pull out” He always oopsies at the end…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)

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