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Strikeforce needs to wake up, or Fedor’s over rated record

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    **This is my 2 cents, many will disagree with my take on some fighters Skills**
    ***Records are listed when they fought Fedor***

    Fabricio Werdum – 13-4-1 – Did Fedor believe his own hype, or did he not realize that he was fighting a true top 10 fighter, with a sick guard.

    Brett Rogers 10-0-0 – Good fight against a good up and coming fighter. Maybe a little early in his career for Fedor.

    Andrei Arlovski 15-5-0 – Was losing fight until the “knee from last week”. Great KO. Solid Fighter.

    Tim Sylvia 23-4-0 – Destroyed Timmy, but Tim only dominates people who cannot handle his height. Good sub. Solid Fighter (debatable).

    Hong Man Choi 1-0-0 – Freak show match. Good sub, but a mid level fighter at best.

    Matt Lindland 20-4-0 – Freak Show match. A 185 fighter moving up to heavey weight for a payday. Solid fighter who could get in better shape, and fight at 170 if he wanted to. At best proves that Fedor is not a scrub.

    Mark Hunt 5-2-0 – Good K1 fighter. Average at best in mma.

    Mark Coleman 15-7-0 – At 42 Coleman was past his prime, and the MMA game had passed him by due to his limited cross training. Mid level fighter at this point, but with enough skill to give some people problems.

    Wagner da Conceicao Martins 4-0-0 Freak Show Match. This is the kind of fight a champs should have.

    Mirko Filipovic 16-2-2 – Good fight against a solid fighter (at the time a clear top 10)

    Tsuyoshi Kohsaka 24-15-2 – A mid level fighter at best. Had to have a rematch due to the cut loss, but come on…..

    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 23-1-1 – Solid fight against a solid fighter. (Wins Pride HW title)

    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 23-1-1 – NC fight

    Naoya Ogawa 7-0-0 – A 7-0 fighter vs. a 19-1 fighter. Ogawa’s best days were behind him at this point. 8 YEARS after his silver medal, and 36 years old.

    Kevin Randleman 15-7-0 – Solid win, with a great recovery.

    Mark Coleman 12-5-0 – See above. Replace 42, with 40.

    Yuji Nagata 0-1-0 – We’ll call him chicken noodle……with pasta noodles.

    Gary Goodridge 17-13-1 – Good fighter, but we can call this “beating down the gatekeeper”.

    Kazuyuki Fujita 9-3-0 – A good fight. A solid fighter.

    Egidijus Valavicius 4-2-0 – You just beat Big Nog…follow it up with a 4-2 tune up fight??

    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 18-0-1 – Solid fight against a solid fighter.

    Heath Herring 20-7-0 – A true HW gatekeeper. A solid win.

    Semmy Schilt 22-10-1 – A Good Fight, and fighter. Very limited ground game.

    Chris Haseman 17-11-0 – “B” level light heavy weight. “D” level heavy weight. Has fought at even lower weight class’s.

    Lee Hasdell 8-12-1 – #6985 on the pound for pound lists (right behind my Mom). **cough** CAN!

    Ryushi Yanagisawa 24-19-9 – Had ALOT of fights at the time of this match up. A test for Fedor against a vet, but no real skill test.

    Renato Sobral 19-2-0 – Even if he is a LHW, sobral’s skill set makes him a solid test of BJJ defence.

    Kerry Schall 5-2-0 – “B” level at best.

    Mihail Apostolov 0-1-0 – A “grab a guy out of the stands” fight…….???

    Tsuyoshi Kohsaka 19-10-2 – At the time a true test for a up, and coming fighter. fluke loss.

    Ricardo Arona 2-0-0 – A good test, and a good (if a little undersized) fighter.

    Hiroya Takada 0-0-0 – A good starter fight.

    Levon Lagvilava 0-1-0 – A good starter fight.

    Martin Lazarov 0-0-0 – A good starter fight.

    So there is the record. Now don’t get me wrong Fedor rocks. I love to see any great fighter fight, but if you look at today’s rankings{1} Fedor has fought a total of six of the current 23 non-Emelianenko top heavy weights. How many people would be spewing hate at the UFC if after the Carwin fight Brock was matched up with Brandon Vera. JMMA match making at it’s best.{2}

    For those who jump on the “He’s the best HW champ of all time” band wagon. It was won from Big Nog. The defenses were against TK, Cro-cop, Zuluzinho, Coleman, and Hunt. Talk about a killers row of ……. well maybe a not so much.

    My whole point to this is that Strikeforce should tell M1 to suck a dick. This inflated boxing style record does not mean anything. The hoops that Fedor (he is one of the owners of M1) has been forcing people to jump through are pathetic. Bash on Zuffa all you want, but they know the sport is beyond any single fighter. If Brock tried to pull this shit, he would be sitting at home until to terms of his contract were done, then promptly dismissed.

    {1} I used the USA TODAY / SB Nation Consensus MMA Rankings due to having the top 25 listed, and a number of voters from across the MMA world. – looks better at BE due to format :)

    {2} JMMA organizations are the match makers! I have respect all fighters (even Tito).

    Thanks to the Fight Finder for all the good work they do.



    Strikeforce should cut its losses. Fedor doesn’t bring in any fans that aren’t already watching Strikeforce. M-1 sure does know a sucker when they see one.



    Pewnt rises from the ashes like a burning phoenix, AZ Bored!!

    I think Fedor’s marketability is dwindling more rapidly than his handlers realize. He didn’t have much pull w/casuals to begin with (outside of Jap-town). I love watching him fight regardless, but I wouldn’t treat him like the diva he thinks he is.


    G Funk

    Can we solidify the votes and name Pewnt the official FL Troll?


    yeah your average fan doesnt know much about pride or fedor and they just see some pudgy russian who fights guys who seem to just suck. Then he gets subbed by some UFC reject.



    thank you! I like the discounts, I also have information to share, here is my message.

    People can nitpick at records all they want the fact is Fedor has all the skills needed to work over any HW out there on any given night. But that can go for a handful of others too. At that level anything can happen so it is pretty amazing to have a long winning streak even with some less than stellar opponents in there.

    But I really can’t stand all the bs going on just to get this guy in the ring. M1 is a goddamn disease eating away at Fedors legacy.



    lmao. This was posted 2 months ago, and your just getting to it now.

    I don’t think Fedor is “some pudgy russian”. My DVD library tends to disagree with your “doesnt know much about pride”. There is this wonderful thing called the INTERNET. It’s full of naked women, and bullshit. It’s also a wonderful tool for learning about things that interest you.

    Fedor should not be given the special treatment he demands. It hurts promotions. Let him, and his M-1 take all their great fighters, and money. Start their own promotion, and stop fucking with Strikeforce. He is a great fighter, but I cannot support his business choices.

    If the UFC used the Pride booking style Cain’s 3 fights after beating Brock.

    Sean McCorkle, JDS (on 3 weeks notice), followed by Mostapha Al-turk.


    JDS? I think you meant Struve – coming off a loss to McCorkle. Or – if Struve’s injured – the Fat cop who clipped Duffman.

    I agree about his record – even as I was watching him in Pride I knew the fights were entertaining, but not tough opponents. I just enjoyed watching him use his skills.

    I actually thought Semmy did a remarkable job not getting his redonkulous levers cranked, and that “solid fighter” was a generous term for Kevin Randrolone even when he shocked everyone by knocking CroCop out instead of laying on him, but otherwise agree with you entirely.



    Pewnt–>it musta been so looooong that I ignored it the 1st time. Today, I have time to burn. Let’s compile a list of all the fighters that were 0-0 going into their 1st professional fight!!


    G Funk




    G Funk is now stalking/rating my comments. I love the feedback!!

    Pewnt–>make us a pie chart.






    Pewnt – more like McCorkle, Jeff Sherwood and Kane.




    Can Sherwood make 265 ?

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