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    hello fellow jackels, got questions about the t shiirts and the star membership.

    1. is the Star membership worth it? (content/Frequency of posting, pleasure, access to older star content)?

    2. are the t shirts worth $18! or do they constantly fall apart and disappoint like the site?. and is medium(on the site) a small/medium/large in the US. I’am tiny and never payed more then $8 for all my plain black T’s (so fuck $18!)

    I figured i find more enjoyment from this site then all 120 channels on my T.v. so why not so some support.




    I went for the paid membership more to support the site than for the perks, but the extra content/early access content can be pretty cool at times. It’s just $20 anyways. Can’t speak to the t-shirts as I’ve never bought one.



    Scissors read my mind. Fuck, I donated $40 b/c I was pretty sure the site was going under….



    I haven’t donated anything other than tens of thousands of words and dozens of hours of audio content.


    P W

    I consider the financial contribution I made before, as a retroactive payment for the time when this site rocked. However, soon after I got my star, things started getting really shaky. Ryan disappeared for long periods of time leaving the site without updates (even just before and after events) and radio shows became increasingly sporadic. Once my star had expired, the site had been crowded by morons, some of them even writing posts. Once those who don’t belong here aren’t writing any more, and at least one radio show is back on a regular, weekly basis, I’ll renew it.



    My new year resolution was to be less a dick but i realized i dont really interact with other humans so i figured i could support these dumbasses before Jake gets kidnapped in Dominican Republic and Ryan breaks into the gay porn scene. and subo dont u owe us money for all the time wasted listening to your horrible opinions.(I kid, I kid) I just dig that human cockfighting one Plus I’am a politic’s nut.

    I think that is some thing ryan needs to push more, is the community aspect of this site because u dont come here for UP TO DATE NEW’s on MMA, we come here because, we’re all assholes with similar sense’s of humor who see though the propaganda/rhetoric of most media and can find humor in dumb shit.



    Double post. me bad


    Obvious lurkin’ Subo burn aside, I joined to contribute to a funny and warm guy’s place for fans to come and laugh at human cockfighting.

    I’ve got a Human Cockfighter shirt and while it’s cracked a tiny smidgen at the edges (1/8th inch), it looks like I’ve got several more years on it before it gets even remotely bad. Contextual reference – I’m fucking horrible to all my clothes, and I mean besides being seen in them. I destroy ’em all pretty bad and this thing is still holding up like new. I’m actually really impressed given how much Jake and Ryan suck.

    Also, the radio show is a hoot. And the star members have already had a preview from his book and a project I’m not sure I can even talk about in public yet.

    I think we also serve as judge-n-jury to the pitiful scum who dare to be called “FL contributor” in the upcoming tryouts.

    Plus Jake has to let us touch his eyebrows when we meet him. They’re real, and they’re spectacular.



    Being a FL contributor sure would be worthwhile;) shit I ‘d need to grow my Uni out so we could have a brow-off. girth vs. length classic.


    ive had all the shirts and the human cockfighting one hold out the longest and gets the most looks. Ultimate Drinker is a good one too. The baseball team fightlinker shirt cracked and bunch but it makes it looks old



    i don’t have star membership but ryan sends me pictures of his penis, which is fine. But he sends it through USPS, not email.



    “I haven’t donated anything other than tens of thousands of words and dozens of hours of audio content.”

    Would have preferred the money instead.



    PW is correct. more jake and ryan audio and posts, less subo and clint, and a few perks like enabling html in posts and ability to block certain members would entice me to donate.


    “do they constantly fall apart and disappoint like the site?”

    doh! We’ve been planning an upgrade for the past two weeks, unfortunately it requires me to migrate everything yet again, a pretty big job. My hope is that in another month or two all the bullshit that’s been bogging us down for like the past year should be fixed.



    I think you’ve said that every podcast for the last 9 months:)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 67 total)

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