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So that crazy fuckhead Sonnen tested posi for steroids…

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    I was gonna comment about all his back acne at the weigh-ins but it just kind of slid off my head… I figured i would be attacked and ridiculed for pointing something like that out.

    But damn.. I have even more respect for Silva for going in hurt and beating a juiced up fighter.

    Wrestling fails again!!!



    I thought i was reading it wring when I saw that article come out.

    I say he has to take back everything he said during the trash talk, retire and allow us to chop his balls off with rusty garden cutters.

    I don’t actually care, they all do something in one form or another.



    If I had to fight Anderson Silva and I was a pretty bad fighter, I’d probably do some ‘roids to.



    nothing from him surprises me, including him throwing the fight vs anderson



    Will be fun to see what they do with Silva’s next title defence in that case.


    The CSAC is a fucking joke. The way they do things is so unprofessional and unreliable I don’t believe anything they say anymore.


    …. took them long enough to come out with this



    Supernatural-How so? What makes you say that? And, if CSAC is so bad, which state has a good AC?


    If you followed the Sean Sherk affair as closely as I did, you would remember their sub-par testing procedures, such as not even washing the test tubes between tests. Their appeals commission was also very unprofessional, often times making rules and procedures up as they were going. They denied Sherk proper opportunities to defend himself, citing their faulty tests as the only relevant evidence in the case, and shutting their ears and minds to any rational argument given by Sherk’s team. The entire vibe that many people got from them was arrogance and ignorance.

    I don’t know which AC is good. Nevada seems to be pretty solid, but I’m basing that statement on nothing more than an impression.


    Ok.. so if Shane Carwin is caught ordering drugs 10 years ago everybody hates on him, but if Chael Sonnen fails a drug test a few weeks ago its the commissions fault?

    Give me a break.


    Shane Carwin has nothing to do with this. The CSAC has shown itself to be everything from unprepared to unprofessional time and time again. I’m not saying Chael is innocent. Just that I won’t take the CSAC’s word for it.


    yeah i remember how inept the CSAC was during Sean Sherks ordeal. To the point that he doesnt want to fight there ever again



    Yeah Right is correct there are no good commissions.

    While its true that the CSAC is inept and terrible, Nevada is really no better. Look back at the last UFC in NV and recall how although they had the power to conduct PED screenings before the fights, they followed typical practice elected not to. Arizona well they seem to lose blood work, and we all know about Texas.

    So really all of the commissions are just shitty government bureaucracies whose sole intent is to make $ and give the appearance of propriety, but not propriety itself.

    ps @yeah right why did you change your name?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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