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snowden at it again, what does this guy like?

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    You’re welcome to come on the show. I’m not stopping you. It’s not my show. Not sure what you would offer though. You don’t really have the base of knowledge to debate me, don’t have industry contacts, don’t have a body of work. Maybe you can yell louder?



    I could also continue to be correct about a lot of things that you’re wrong about (ie, accurately playing BJ/Sherk historically, not attacking the WEC for their PPV while advising Strikeforce to do Batista/Lashley [how’s that looking these days?], etc). Your industry contacts swear you to secrecy, so the secrets they tell you are about as relevant as a hill of beans (you sure did blow the lid off of the Zuffa endorsement racket by pointing out a fighter on a prelim thought $5,000 for his shorts was a terminable offense). And writing a book about history doesn’t mean you know shit about the present, especially since – and this is key – the history of MMA is not going to repeat itself.

    What’s adorable about this, is that anyone that said shit like this about you on BE would get banned there. Hooray for freedom of speech, not fearing criticism and bashing people that manipulate the sport’s history to make money.


    You are so ridiculously ignorant. I followed up the Mitrione tease with a real story with real numbers that was mentioned on Inside MMA and resulted in phone calls with people at the highest levels of the sport. Industry contacts were pretty important in putting that together.

    Who knows how Lashley/Batista would have done business wise? They didn’t run it an now they can’t. Of course your insinuating I was advocating they run that fight as a PPV. That’s not true:

    I’m really not sure why you are so fixated on me, following me from post to post, but that’s fine. It’s fairly hilarious that you are pretending to be a victim somehow. You say this same stupid shit on BE and no one has banned you. That only happened when you went after someone’s family like the coward you are.



    I responded to a gay joke with a your wife joke, following one joke in poor taste with another. My brother is gay. Who went after whose family first?

    You’re so shamelessly dishonest. Here is the ACTUAL article, posted BEFORE the one you link to

    The headline?

    Strikeforce on PPV: Bobby Lashley and Dave Batista Are the Best Options Available

    The money line?

    “Some of the most successful cards of all time for the UFC have been the result of issues that were allowed to linger a bit. Your time will come. But if you have to do PPV now? Here is how it should happen.”

    Emphasis on the “should” – this is the same article where Snowden claimed that Bobby Lashley, who couldn’t sell water to a man dying of thirst, knew how to “sell a fight”.



    ^ Read these last two comments and tell me that Jonathan Snowden isn’t completely full of shit.



    I am so surprised the way this thread has gone. Totally not what I had envisioned when I wrote it haha. The way he’s come on here and acted all high and mighty is pure comedy to me. Subo has put it beat, he is full of it. Subo you have to go on the radio show because I would love to hear that debate


    You post post one of TWO places where I specifically suggest that Strikeforce running a PPV is a bad idea no matter who main events it. Then accuse me of being shamelessly dishonest? Same old subo.



    basically this thread proves that subo is an instigator and snowden is a total dick. DUDE WE GET IT, you have a law degree and you think you’re better than everyone. no one gives a shit

    the best part is by coming to this site to defend his honor he’s only proven all of his detractors right


    I come to this site to read Ryan. Have since before Subo e-stalked me. Will when Subo gets bored and moves on.



    I enjoyed Jonathan’s book. With that being said I think that he does post things to entice comments. My biggest complaints with his posts are that when someone asks him to clarify a point. He gets very very defensive, I was on BE the other day and when it first came out that Mitrione wasn’t getting paid well he wrote an article saying this was low, but when someone wanted to know something as simple as the average sponsorship money earned by a prelim fighter. He became very defensive and refused to answer the question. He posted several hours later the accurate numbers but only after a number of people had asked him to explain. Seems like a very intelligent guy, but comes across very arrogant.



    What’s a Jonathan Snowden? Is it like shrimping another dude?


    snowden just keeps jerking off to himslef by laying out how he has a book and all these contacts. We get it… You are cool. All the bullies in school were wrong to give you wedgies and the priest really did love you.



    Jonathan doesn’t come here to read me :(



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