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snowden at it again, what does this guy like?

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    I don’t need to “explain” anything. What I wrote was self explanatory. WEC 51 had a lot of great moments but no great fights. Pretty good popcorn entertainment. Why would I defend that against charges it was “negative?” That is ludicrous on its face.



    It seems to be that “great fight” is just about the most Goddamn subjective phrase on Earth.


    sounds like snowden is trying to troll his way onto a podcast


    Haha Snowden is terrible, like 80 percent of the BE writers.

    I rolled my eyes at that anti-wec thing too.

    He officially jumped the shark with that ignorant shit.


    I’ve already been invited onto the podcast. Follow along please.


    Yep, we’re going to have Jonathan on the Tuesday edition of this week’s Low Blow to talk about all this :-)


    too bad ill be out of town



    im actually excited about that. i really wanna hear this now. oh and so pumped radio shows comin back on sched!


    Yeah it’s about time, it got unacceptably sloppy this year



    So not only do you do a wrap up of the card with a guy that wasn’t there, now you’re not going to give me the chance to savage Snowden on air? Did I kick your cat without realizing it or something?


    really subo should be on there too



    subo should absolutely be on there. that would be so awesome, plus im just interested in what youd say to the guy. always like it when youre on the low blow. and ryan, its all good man, i know its gonna pick up. FL for life



    subo trashing kidate over copromotion < subo trashing snowden over snowden being a LCD pandering tool


    I love that a guy who writes an event recap that is glorified play by play (and writes it three whole days after the event) has the nerve to criticize what anybody else has to say.

    I’ve forgotten more about MMA than subo will ever know.



    Spoken like someone afraid of getting out debated on the radio. Tomas Rios was right – your ability to construct bullshit narratives is unmatched. I, however, get why you’re at Bloody Elbow.

    You’ve also made up more about MMA than I’ll ever know.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 46 total)

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