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snowden at it again, what does this guy like?

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    jonathan snowden put up a piece on BE today about WEC 51, which i thought was an thoroughly entertaining card. every fight was fun to watch, and even my roomate who i can maybe call a loosely casual fan was watching the entire time. but snowden had to focus on how no fight stood out. while maybe one fight wasnt a fight of the year, or maybe you wanted to see the korean zombie pull out a W, every match delivered in its own way. so what gives? i agree with what ryan and jake were saying on the low blow this week, snowden is a troll if ive seen one. what do the other jackals think?


    I wrote three sentences on there being no great fights on the card and multiple paragraphs on the things I did like. You probably have crippling depression or bowel problems distracting you, so I forgive you for talking nonsense.



    ^ you must google your name to travel all the way to the oft ignored FL forums in order to defend your honor. thin skinned much?


    Oh looks its blowden… maybe i should ban you like all the fags in BE do


    I would be crushed. Don’t ban me before I buy one of the t-shirts though.



    Snowden–>I’m impressed/pleased that you’ve come to respond. I don’t go to BE any more as I don’t like the nanny state going on or the pretentious posters/writers. No clue what you wrote & I will co-sign that there were no “special” fights. But the entertainment level overall was waaay higher than the last few UFC cards. In general, the WEC cards consistently deliver action & excitement that the UFC (& smaller orgs) never do. This was a very good card but not a great card.

    Also, I rarely agree w/your writing.


    nah i dont ban.



    Snowden is a giant bag of negativity and forced criticism. I can’t help but roll my eyes most of the times he writes something, and that’s a little too often these days.

    Here’s a rule of thumb: ignore most of his headlines that are starting with either ‘Why’ or ending with a question mark.



    how did you know bout my bowel problems jonathan? wow im impressed.

    but in reality this post didnt come just from the wec piece he did, but from the recent streak of negativity that i feel is all too common with some mma fans and its disappointing to me that some people always have to find the negative in things and not focus on how awesome this sport is and how lucky we are to be living in the time we are with the growth of our sport



    oh and i like how he didnt just defend and explain himself, but came out simply to insult me. bravo


    he never explains himself when you ask him to.



    Snowden posts negative and critical (sometimes both!) posts a lot but if you read his WEC piece, despite the unnecessary “… but most awesome things possible did not happen” headline he isn’t actually slamming WEC51 at all.

    It’s also a product of him posting a lot of stuff that isn’t just coverage of things that just happened. It’s pretty hard to write an op-ed about how great Dana White is. That’s what you get on blogs. If you want the news and just the news, MMA Junie and Weekly should both fix you up nicely. Frankly it’s surprising seeing someone on FL of all places complaining about Snowden. :)



    I wonder if I should edit his profile or his user name first



    the reason i like fightlinker is the humor and the joking around, while still posting serious relevant shit. i said the my bit about him because hes just a hater troll.

    subo->username first haha


    I’ll explain plenty to the Fight Linker himself on the podcast.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 46 total)

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